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Programs of Study

Undergraduate Degrees

Aircraft Dispatch

Aircraft Dispatch, A.S. on-campus icon 

Aviation Maintenance

Aviation Maintenance, A.S. on-campus icon
Aviation Maintenance Science, B.S. on-campus icon

Computer Science Concentration
Electrical Technology Concentration
Maintenance Management Concentration
Mechanical Technology Concentration

Aviation Management

Aviation Management, A.S. on-campus icon online icon
Aviation Management, B.S. on-campus icon online icon

Maintenance Concentration
Professional Pilot Concentration
Homeland Security Concentration
Aircraft Dispatch Concentration

Aviation Security

Aviation Security, A.S. on-campus icon online icon


Aviation Studies

Aviation Studies, B.S. on-campus icon online icon

Mission Aviation

Mission Aviation, B.S. on-campus icon

Professional Flight Concentration 

Professional Flight

Professional Flight, B.S. on-campus icon

Maintenance Concentration
Military Concentration

Unmanned Aircraft Systems 

Unmanned Aircraft Systems, A.S. on-campus icon 
Unmanned Aircraft Systems, B.S. on-campus icon

Electronics Concentration
Technician Concentration

Certificates & Ratings


Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) Certificate
Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) Ratings


Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate

Private Pilot

Private Pilot Certificate
Instrument Rating
Multiengine Rating 

Commercial Pilot

Commercial Single Engine Rating
Multiengine Certificate with Instrument Rating
Restricted ATP Certificate 


Instrument Instructor Rating
Single Engine Flight Instructor Rating
Multiengine Flight Instructor Certificate