Be a Catalyst for Discovery

Though the fields of study are varied - biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics - at LeTourneau University they are united in the pursuit of understanding God's incredible creation and stewarding the potential within it to improve the world. With a strong emphasis on learning by doing, students are encouraged to get their hands dirty (both metaphorically and physically!) in working out the answers to questions such as: 'How can I leverage the potential inherent in the things I am studying to innovate solutions to the world's problems?` Whether it is discovering new microorganisms or partnering with engineering students to design therapeutic processes and assistive devices, the natural sciences and mathematics are a critical piece of the puzzle at an institution dedicated to developing professionals of ingenuity and Christlike character.

Hear from Education, Arts & Sciences Students

Hear students from LeTourneau's College of Education, Arts & Sciences talk about their experience at The Christian Polytechnic University.

Access to unique lab experiences from day one - faculty who care deeply about you both as a student and as a person - studying science or math at an institution with a deep heritage in STEM: these are a few of the reasons to consider The Christian Polytechnic University for your college education. If pursuing truth through creativity and exploration sounds interesting to you, LeTourneau University's natural science & mathematics programs are ready to partner with you on that journey.