Discover the Human Element

In the midst of our high-tech world, we need professionals of ingenuity and Christlike character who can reach beneath the technical and procedural; we need the arts to truly understand who we are as humans. From history, political science and Criminal Justice to Kinesiology, English and Communications, the humanities are a critical piece of a flourishing society; studying the humanities at a Christian polytechnic university.*

*Listen to what LeTourneau University President Dr. Steven D. Mason has to say about the critical role the arts & humanities play at The Christian Polytechnic university (LeTourneau University as The Christian Polytechnic University p.6).

Hear from Education, Arts & Sciences Students

Hear students from LeTourneau's College of Education, Arts & Sciences talk about their experience at The Christian Polytechnic University.

Many institutions offer programs in the liberal arts & humanities. But there is something unique about doing so at a Christian polytechnic university that seeks to answer the questions about who we are as humans from within a stem-focused context that values Christ's redemptive work in the world as the thing that informs every decision we ought to make as humans created in God's image. If you're interested in wrestling with those questions and finding a calling in the humanities and social sciences, LeTourneau University is ready to partner with you on that journey.