Broaden Your Career Opportunities

This certificate is issued by the FAA to those who have demonstrated both knowledge and practical skill in the technical field of airline operations. You'll gain a wealth of knowledge about a variety of topics: high altitude meteorology, airline operations, Boeing 737 systems, and flight planning for high-speed aircraft.

Courses required before testing for this certificate can be easily combined with several degree programs in both aviation management and in professional flight.

  • If you want to launch your flight career at an airline, having an aircraft dispatcher certificate is a bonus for your resume and will also provide you with the ground knowledge required to attain the Airline Transport Pilot certificate.
  • If you want to begin a career in airline operations, earning your aircraft dispatcher certificate while pursuing any of our aviation degree programs will give you the required credentials to work in the operations center of any airline.

Only 49 institutions in the world have been approved by the FAA to offer courses for this certificate.

Course Requirements

LETU's dispatcher training courses are designed to prepare you to take the FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Certification Practical Test and earn your certification.

Prerequisite Courses (must be taken prior to taking dispatch courses):

  • AERF 1113 Flight Science I
  • AERF 2103 Flight Science II
  • AERO 2203 Meteorology for Pilots
  • AERO 4123 Commercial Flight Operations

Two courses are required before testing. Both courses are taken together during a five-week summer session.

  • AEDP 4003 Aircraft Dispatch I
  • AEDP 4013 Aircraft Dispatch II

What can you do with this certificate?

Dispatchers are a vital, yet unseen, part of airline operations. Both the airline captain and the dispatcher must agree that the flight can be completed safely before allowing the flight to depart.

Dispatchers plan flights, evaluate weather, ensure aircraft are loaded properly and determine that all aviation regulations are complied with for every single flight the airline operates. They work closely with many team members in the airline's operations center, which functions as the "nerve center" of the airline. Examples of jobs can include:

  • Dispatcher - Organize and plan flights for aircraft ranging from the Beech 1900 to the Airbus A380 superjumbo, ensuring safe flights for thousands of passengers and crew every day.
  • ATC Coordinator - Work as a liaison directly between your airline's operations center and the FAA's Operations Control Centers to help dispatchers and flight schedules to keep operations flowing smoothly.
  • Crew Scheduler - From your desk in the airline's operations center, make critical, time-sensitive decisions ensuring flight and cabin crew members meet stringent work legality requirements
  • Business Aviation Flight Planner - Plan unique, challenging international flights that require overflight permits, landing permits, and handling services for business jets owned by Fortune 500 companies.