The Guild

"Don't just prepare for a job. Prepare for life!"

What is “The Guild”?

The Liberal Arts Guild (The Guild) is a vibrant community of critical thinkers who view the earliest years of college as an opportunity to build a strong foundation for life. In the Guild, Liberal Arts Scholars engage in specialized courses and immersive experiences, discovering how the core disciplines for the liberal arts build upon and relate to one another. These students encourage each other to ask life-changing questions about themselves, this world and their faith.  They are challenged to learn to think for themselves in a faith-filled environment.

"...every engineer will need to learn more about the liberal arts..." - Brad Smith, President, Microsoft

The Guild @ a Glance


Who is The Guild for?

The Guild is available to all residential students at LeTourneau University as a way to be intentional and make the most of the General Education courses required of every major.  Because the demands of degree programs vary, the Guild provides two different levels of involvement to fit every degree: 


Core Guild Courses

Complete all five (5) Courses:

  • Close Reading in the Digital Age
  • Rhetoric and the Craft of Research
  • Speech Debate and the Art of Conversation
  • Logic or Intro to Philosophy
  • Political Philosophy and Civil Discourse
Integrated Experiences
(see below)
All four (4) semesters One (1) semester
Recognition at Graduation: Liberal Arts Scholar Liberal Arts Certificate


What is the Guild experience?

At the core of this alternate general education curriculum, students have four semesters of 6-credit hour integrated experiences:

  • The Ancient and Medieval Experience
  • The Modern World Experience
  • The Early American Experience
  • The Modern American Experience

Each semester-long team-taught course experience constitutes an integrated history, literature, and fine arts curriculum that emphasizes reading primary works.  In addition, Guild members will have the chance to take part in unique on-campus and off-campus events and learning opportunities to enhance their overall learning and experience.

“Guilds were a feature of the earliest universities...Strong communities of accountability promote excellence and rigor.  They also make the journey a lot more fun!” 
- Dr. LesleyAnne Williams, English


In addition to taking The Guild's unique courses, students have the opportunity to live in community with other Guild scholars on LeTourneau's residential campus.  This requires an application and those accepted will receive a $1,000 scholarship for each year they live in the community.  An application is required and interested students should contact for more information.    


Career Guidance

The Guild is designed to prepare you for life, not just a job, but the program also very intentionally helps cultivate skills that employers love. You'll receive special career counseling as an integral part of the program. Guild students will work closely with Career Services to learn how to leverage the skills learned in the program within the job market.  


Recognition when you Graduate

Every student who completes a level of the program will be able to indicate to future employers the intentionality with which they have developed the core skills of The Guild:

Liberal Arts Certificate Liberal Arts Scholar
The Guild Core + 1 semester of the integrated experience The Guild Core + all 4 semesters of the integrated experiences


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"The Guild offers students the opportunity to intentionally form life-long skills in critical thinking and communication founded on a commitment to Christ.” 
-Dr. Daniel Ostendorff, History

A Solid Foundation for a Lifetime of Leadership

The Guild profoundly shapes those involved, equipping them to be Christ-centered leaders in their workplaces and their communities, whether they are a Humanities major, an Engineer, an Educator, a Computer Scientist, Mathematician or any other of the 86 residential degrees LeTourneau University offers.  Don't just take our word for it. Leaders in every industry are talking about how important a solid foundation in the Liberal Arts are for their teams and for the future of their companies:

Artificial Intelligence

“Microsoft’s president says liberal arts majors are necessary for the future of tech”, Business Insider (January 2018).

Business Majors

“Why America’s Business Majors Are in Desperate Need of a Liberal-Arts Education”, The Atlantic (June 2016).

Computer Scientist

Liberal Arts in the Data Age”, Harvard Business Review (July-August 2017).


“Why liberal arts and the humanities are as important as engineering”, The Washington Post (June 2018).

Those in Public Health

“On Academics: The Value of Liberal Arts and Practice in an Undergraduate Public Health Curriculum”, Public Health Reports, vol. 128, no. 5 (Sep/Oct 2013), pp 416-421.

Those going into the Tech Sector

“Don’t Ditch that Liberal Arts Degree”, US News & World Report (January 2018).

 "As Tech Companies Hire More Liberal Arts Majors, More Students Are Choosing STEM Degrees", EdSurge (Nov 2018).


Other Resources:

“That ‘Useless’ Liberal Arts Degree has Become Tech’s Hottest Ticket”, Forbes (July 2015).

"Liberal Arts is the Foundation for Professional Success in the 21st Century", Huffington Post (September 2017).


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Guiding Faculty:

Dr. Lesley-Anne Williams
Assist. Professor of English

Dr. Randy Compton

Professor of English

Dr. Stan Coppinger

Professor of English

Dr. Daniel Ostendorff
Assoc. Professor of History