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Seekers. Inventors. Creators.
Researchers. Dreamers.

Who are we? We are the School of Arts and Sciences - a diverse community of individuals who are united by our commitment to the ongoing pursuit of understanding God's world. We discover, create, seek to understand, dream, invent and communicate through the studies of biology, chemistry, computer science, communication, criminal justice, English, history, math, physics, political science and kinesiology.

LeTourneau University Arts & Sciences

of science students complete at least two semesters of undergraduate research

graduate placement rate

School of Arts and Sciences

We are the keepers of the flame of intellectual inquiry. We instill the essential academic abilities that provide the foundation for every course of study at LETU. We are blessed to work with some of the most talented students in the world as they navigate the many majors and minors offered by the departments which comprise the School of Arts and Sciences.

Our graduates are respected pastors, computer scientists, physicians, teachers, public servants, researchers, lawyers, nurses, entrepreneurs, and statisticians. In addition to being known for their professional expertise, our graduates are known for bringing their commitment to Christ into the workplace. In every workplace and in every nation, our graduates are making a difference.

"I've been teaching for 28 years, and I can honestly say that LeTourneau University is a unique and special place. One of the reasons I love teaching here is, of course, the students. They care. They are curious. They are motivated.
And it's a privilege to be their teacher, advisor, and to walk alongside them as a spiritual mentor. It's so rewarding to watch them graduate and—in turn—go on to lead lives of service for the Kingdom of God."

Dr. Stan Coppinger, Professor of English

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