• Biology/Kinesiology
  • Chemistry/Physics
  • Computer Science
  • History/Political Science/Criminal Justice
  • Literature/Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Education

Opportunities for biology & kinesiology students

Apply your skills in a variety of settings to enhance your learning experience and better the lives of others.


S.E.A. PHAGES Project

Engage in meaningful research by isolating previously unidentified viruses from the environment, characterizing them and sequencing and annotating their genomes. Then, present the results of your research at academic conferences and publish data in scientific journals.



Biology students have thousands of internship opportunities around the nation. Alumni have interned at places including: ECHO in Florida, Cedar Creek Natural History Area and National Renewable Energy Lab


Wheels Project

Wheels research team provides objective data on the functionality of wheelchairs in less-resourced settings. Biology and kinesiology students work to design outcomes measure protocols and travel to apply their work. In doing so, they make a difference in many children's lives.


International Learning: BestSemester

BestSemester provides off-campus study programs through the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU). LeTourneau University, a member of the CCCU, offers these programs as semester-long academic experiences.

Master’s Degree in Athletic Training

In cooperation with Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches, Texas, LETU provides a pathway to a Master’s Degree in Athletic Training. Earn your BS in Kinesiology and your MS in Athletic Training in only five years.


 Opportunities for chemistry and physics students

The rare opportunity of undergraduate research is made available to all at LETU.


Undergraduate Research & Welch Foundation

All chemistry and physics majors take part in undergraduate research. These projects have included working with NASA, the Navy, the Air Force and private companies and many are funded by the renowned Welch Foundation.


Hands-on Lab Experience

The small university setting at LeTourneau allows chemistry students to have large interactions with their faculty. Students will gain hands on experiences with chemical instruments and equipment under the guidance of industry-experienced faculty.


Cross-Departmental Collaboration

LETU has a tradition of excellence in engineering and technology in addition to the sciences. These programs provide excellent support to chemistry and physics with strong mathematics and computer science departments, as well as constructive interaction and dialogue between science and technology.


Opportunities for computer science students

Join professional organizations where you'll have the opportunity to network, travel, compete and meet like-minded students. 


Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

LeTourneau has its own chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery, which is an avenue for computer science students to share ideas, compete against other schools, learn from professionals and get to know students in an environment of shared interests.


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.

The LeTourneau IEEE chapter sponsors periodic meetings with invited speakers on campus. Additionally, we sponsor students to compete in the IEEE Region 5 (Southwestern U.S.) Circuit Design Competition every spring, where teams meet from across the region to test their design skills against each other. 





Opportunities for history and political science students

Explore, serve and learn from the local community to across the globe.


Semester Abroad

Expand your world even further by studying America's roots in Washington, D.C. or other world cultures in a foreign country through one of the programs available to students such as American Studies Program, Washington, D.C., China Studies Program, Latin America Studies Program, Middle East Studies Program or Russian Studies Program.


Historical Study Trips

We strive to make history come alive by hosting regular spring break study trips that allow you to see and experience important historical sites for yourself while giving you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience a foreign culture firsthand.



We don't just study history at LETU. We encourage students to begin applying what they learn in today's real-world situations. Students are encouraged to complete at least one internship prior to graduation.


The Christian Pre-Law Society

LETU is a member of the Christian Pre-Law Society, an affiliate of the Christian Legal Society. Our chapter promotes pre-law professional development and works with the pre-law advisor to disseminate information and organize trips to law school forums.


Special Projects & Campus Events

There are numerous ways to get involved and gain practical experience on campus. Serve on the student senate, attend one of many on-campus historical exhibits, or serve as a student director for voter registration.


Community Opportunities 

Work with organizations including the Gregg County Historical Museum, Habitat for Humanity or one of the many social agencies in the area and the City of Longview—serve as a precinct captain or tutor students in a local school.






Opportunities for Literature & Language Arts students

Influence the world through the written and spoken word.


Oxford Honors Program

Spend a summer or BestSemester at the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at the University of Oxford, England.


Student Publications

Help pen and layout our annual yearbook, the Pioneer. If storytelling and poetry are more your style, contribute to the Campus Campana, an annual compilation produced by our creative writing students.



Unleash your inner actor through Stage Right, our student-led drama group. 


English Honor Society

Become a member of Sigma Tau Delta, the international English honor society, and strengthen your portfolio by contributing to the society's literary journal, The Angle.


Philosophy & Debate

Tap into your philosophical side as you develop critical thinking and debating skills in the Socratic Club.


You could influence our world through mathematics.


Use of mathematical models made possible the full use of the power of electricity.


Mathematical techniques such as Operations Research are used for optimizing the efficiency of a transportation system.




Boolean algebra models the work of a transistor.



Water Supply

The efficiency of water purification techniques are modeled by the Chick-Watson Equation.

Household Appliances

Quality in manufacturing is improved by the application of Statistical Process Control.


Radio & TV

Information Theory mathematically predicts the amount of information contained in a signal.



Mathematical algorithms are used for digital imaging to enhance pictures and automatically detect items in pictures.



Erlang's Formula statistically measures telecommunications traffic.



Health Technologies

The CAT scan is based on mathematical theory of line integrals.




Modern orbital mechanics rely on the work of mathematicians such as Kepler and Newton.



Simulation Lab

In addition to real-world classroom experience, LETU education students are able to get even more hands-on training in the School of Education's classroom simulation lab. This lab gives students the opportunity to target different teaching skills, scenarios and content in a risk-free environment.