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Engineering Physics, B.S.

If you're a student with big dreams and an analytical brain, a degree in engineering physics from LeTourneau University will set you on track towards a challenging and rewarding high-tech career. Master the fundamentals of engineering while you gaining an understanding of the laws that govern the physical universe.

On Campus


The Bachelor of Science degree in engineering physics prepares students primarily for graduate studies in either engineering, physics or astronomy. In particular, there is a growing need for nuclear engineers, but skills in engineering and physics can be applied in a number of different fields.

Wherever path you choose after graduation, remember that Christians trained in science and engineering disciplines are needed to face challenges in many industries, including in education, technology and national security.



  • Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer
  • Advanced Mechanics
  • Atoms, Nuclei and Particles
  • Relativity and Quantum Theory

To learn more about course requirements, view the course catalog.

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