New Student Orientation

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New Student Orientation for Fall 2024 is August 22-25. Classes begin Monday, Aug 26.

Fall Orientation Schedule 2024




New Student Frequently Asked Questions


What is New Student Orientation (NSO)?

New Student Orientation is a program designed to help students successfully transition to college at LeTourneau University. It is for all students taking classes physically at the Longview Campus for the first time. This includes students transferring from another institution, and students who are planning on living off campus.

When is NSO?

New Student Orientation for Fall 2024 is August 22-25. More details on specific programming will be posted soon.


Can Parents Come?

YES! Parents are welcome. There will be parent activities for parents on Thursday Aug 22 and Friday Aug 23. Meals and lodging are provided for students only.

What do I need to do to be ready for Check-in?

The more you can have done ahead of time, the faster your check-in process will be. If you have completed all the items in your registration checklist, including registering for class and finalizing payment plans with our student accounts office, your check-in experience at LETU will be quick and simple. For help completing your registration checklist, you can call our Registrar’s office, Student Accounts, Financial Aid, or Student Life depending on your question. If you aren’t sure who to call, you can start first with your admissions counselor, or you may find this video series has the information you need.

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