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What to Bring

As much as we want your residence hall or apartment to feel like "home," the fact that you will be living in community and with a roommate should influence your decisions on what to bring.

Click here for a printable list of What to Bring.

Work closely with your roommate to coordinate what you're bringing, and that will save much-appreciated space in the room.


  • Mattress Pad and Comforter
  • Bed Sheets (all mattresses are Twin-XL-80" long-and require specific sheets)
  • Pillows and Pillowcases
  • Towels (bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths)
  • Bathroom Supplies/Toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, nail clippers, shaving cream/razors)
  • Shower Caddy or Bathroom Basket
  • Laundry Supplies (basket, detergent, fabric softener)
  • Clothes Hangers
  • Umbrella / Raincoat
  • School Supplies (backpack, scissors, stapler, pens, pencils, notebooks, paper, markers)
  • Prescription Medication
  • Alarm Clock
  • Charging Cables
  • Bank Cards/Checkbook
  • Trash Can


  • Social Security Card (you will need this if you ever want a campus job)
  • Lamp (not halogen, please)
  • Refrigerator (no more than 4.6 cubic feet and 1.5 amps)
  • Personal Computer, Printer, and CAT5 Ethernet Cable
  • Television
  • Video/DVD/Music Player with Headphones
  • Surge Protector
  • Rug or Carpet (though many rooms are carpeted)
  • Broom and/or Vacuum (but also provided on each floor)
  • Iron and Ironing Board
  • Dry Erase/Bulletin Board, Wall Calendar
  • Some Kitchen Supplies (microwave, coffee maker, utensils, can opener)
  • Room Decorations
  • Small Fan
  • Extra Seating/Floor Pillow
  • Athletic Bag (and small amount of sports equipment)
  • Storage Containers (bookshelf, peg-board shelf, milk crates, baskets)
  • Bicycle and Lock (preferably U-Lock) - must stay outdoors
  • Closet Organizers
  • Small Toolbox (hammer, screwdrivers, pliers, duct tape)
  • Sewing Kit
  • Flashlight and Batteries


  • Cooking Appliances (with exposed heating elements; specifics in the Student Handbook)
  • Multi-plug covers (must use surge protectors)
  • Weapons of Any Kind (including guns, knives with blades over 5¼", swords, bows and arrows, darts, airsoft guns)
  • Outside Antennas or Satellites
  • Air Conditioning Units
  • Non-UL Approved Extension Cords
  • Routers (both wireless and wired), Access Points, or Airports
  • Questionable Materials (printed or digital)
  • Traffic Signs or Other Illegally Obtained Signs or Decorations
  • Candles, Fireworks, or Any Other Fire-Related Materials
  • Pets (except Fish in 10-gallon tanks or less)
  • Space Heaters
  • Extension Cords
  • Nails, Screws, and Permanent Adhesives (anything that could damage the walls); 3M Command™ adhesive strips are recommended
  • Anything that's Really Big