Music Opportunities

  • LeTourneau Singers
  • Jazz Band
  • Chapel Worship
  • Private Music Lessons
  • Longview Civic Chorus
  • Orchestra Club

LeTourneau Singers MUSC 2201, 1-hour credit (view syllabus)
T/Th 7:00-8:30 PM EDUC 117
Director: Dr. Jim Taylor

Why is it that singers generally feel better when they finish a choir rehearsal than when they walked in? Maybe it's because when you're singing for an hour and a half you are just doing music: your responsibilities and deadlines have been forgotten, you’re among friends, and all you’ve been trying to do is to make some great music. And it is especially refreshing when you have been studying tough technical or scientific problems for the rest of your day. You’re growing musically, and when you get to that performance and knock it out with excellence you feel the joy that comes from creating something wonderful. 

Choirs are important. They show in real terms what it means for human beings to be in harmony, and they are also a metaphor of the Christian life: many individuals blend their unique voices under the guidance of a director to create a work of beauty that glorifies God. For more inspiration, see this 3 ½ YouTube from composer John Rutter discussing the importance of choir.

  • The LeTourneau Singers sings a wide array of musical styles including masterworks, folk song arrangements, anthems, madrigals, motets, jazz, contemporary pieces, gospel, and more. The choir sings in chapel twice a semester and performs a major concert at the end of each semester. The year concludes with the Spring Masterworks Concert with orchestra.
  • The emphasis is excellence. If it doesn't sound good, then let's all go home! Yet we intend to have fun throughout the process, from the first rehearsal of the semester to the performance in chapel or concert. The atmosphere is one of hard work, camaraderie, and good humor.
  • There is no audition required, but members need to be able to sing solidly in tune and carry a choral part amid harmony. Though experience in choral singing is helpful, someone with a bright mind and good natural voice can pick it up. Sight-reading skills are not a requirement, and members will grow through experience.
  • For more specifics, see the course syllabus here.
  • Contact Dr. Taylor for an audition at or (903) 233-3379.

Jazz Band MUSC1700, 1-hour credit
Mondays 7-9 PM Speer Chapel
Director: Mr. George Faber

Jazz is amazing! Jazz is a fusion of the musical traditions of Africa and Europe, and from its beginnings in New Orleans has blossomed into a rich culture of many styles, from Dixieland to Big Band to Bebop to Modern, and everything in between. Though first played only in clubs, its artistic excellence and complexity has moved it into the university as an academic discipline - and it is great fun to play.

Led by local jazz legend, Mr. George Faber, the LeTourneau University Jazz Band members hone their skills in an atmosphere of fun and creativity.  On occasion professional players will join in and/or clinic student players.  Auditions for saxes/woodwinds, trumpets, trombones, and rhythm section are held the first week of the semester in the Speer Chapel.  Students must own or rent their instruments.  For more information please contact Mr. Faber at



Student-led worship teams lead the worship music in chapel services held in the Belcher Center on MWF from 10:35-11:35 AM. Students in the bands take this responsibility seriously, and in addition to hours of planning, rehearsal, and sound checks, meet together regularly for fellowship, discipleship, and worship. Musicians new to LeTourneau who wish to be part of the teams can audition and, if successful, start participating their second semester.


If you are proficient in any classical instrument - flute, cello, piano, horn, etc. - please let Dr. Taylor know so that you can be part of the growing team of musical artists at LeTourneau.


 Student worship leaders

Private instrument lessons are available on a limited basis from fine music teachers, each with deep experience in his/her field:

  • Voice Lessons MUSC1411 - Casey McCarthy, teacher
  • Piano Lessons MUSC1511 - Sherrye Coles, teacher
  • Guitar Lessons MUSC1611 - Ben Shepherd, teacher
  • Strings Lessons (violin/viola/cello/double bass) MUSC1711 - Julia Hector, teacher

Lessons are one half-hour long, and require a lab fee. Lesson times will be coordinated between you and your teacher. Lessons receive one hour of academic credit.

Longview Civic Chorus singersThe Longview Civic Chorus is a community chorus comprised of high school through adult-aged singers meeting in room 117/120 of the Education Building on the LETU campus. Since COVID the LCC has combined with the LeTourneau Singers to rehearse Tuesday and Thursday 7:00-8:30pm, with the exception that LCC members only need to attend one of the two weekly rehearsals. The multi-generational aspect of this choir is an asset, and there are some very good sight-readers in this group. The Civic Chorus may be taken for credit through LeTourneau University, or members may simply pay a $75 fee for the semester. No formal audition is necessary, but singers must be able to hold a choral part amid harmony.

Contact Dr. Taylor to get involved: (903) 233-3379.

LETU Orchestra Club
W 6:30-8:30 PM, Speer Chapel
Director: John Porter

The LeTourneau University Orchestra Club is a student-led volunteer community orchestra on campus comprising students and professors. The ensemble welcomes instruments from all families and registers, i.e., horn, flute, violin, percussion, etc. The club meets once a week to rehearse fun, challenging music to perform two concerts per semester, with Christ at the center of each performance. Music from many genres is played, ranging from classical to movie soundtracks, to pop and rock, and music that is just plain fun. The ensemble was created in partnership with the university to promote arts on the university’s campus. Those interested in joining may contact John Porter at

Instrumentalists Club Group Photo
Instrumentalists Club Group Photo