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Go-Kart Races

Spring 2022, Go-Kart Racing returned to campus after a more than twenty-year absence. The LeTourneau Automotive Society, supported by numerous AS alumni and the University Alumni Office, organized an entire day of racing during Hootenanny Weekend. The energy was electric as crowds of students and families lined the streets in support.


A Tradition Reborn

Go Kart Open Class Final 2022

Witness the return of LETU’s legendary Go Kart Races! In this last race of the event, the Open Class Final, four drivers - Ladina Wingert (No. 67), Grant Lee(No. 53), Rhetta Clevenger (No. 23), and Zachary Wingert (No. 33) - race for ultimate glory.

Relive the 2022 Hootenanny Weekend Go Kart Races through an immersive edit of the Open Class Final below. Also check out our go kart photo album, the livestream recording of the Vintage/Stock Exhibition Finals, and the Go Karts feature story in LeTourneau NOW Spring 2022!

Live Stream Recording

Photo Gallery


LeTourneau NOW Story