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Aviation Grand Lobby Dedicated

Dean Emeritus Fred Ritchey Honored for 38 Years of Service



Paul & Betty Abbott Aviation Center, LeTourneau University, Longview, TX


As the only four-year, comprehensive aviation program in the state of Texas, the School of Aviation & Aeronautical Science at LeTourneau University is committed to producing aviation students and graduates of personal integrity and professional excellence. Our expert faculty see their work as a holy calling to mentor and train the next generation of aviation professionals, and one of the most impactful faculty members to ever participate in this meaningful process is Dean Emeritus, Fred Ritchey.

At the start of the Fall 2023 semester, the university community unveiled and dedicated the newly-named Fred Ritchey Grand Lobby at the Paul & Betty Abbott Aviation Center, named in recognition of Fred Ritchey, Dean Emeritus of the College of Aviation & Aeronautical Science.

His 38 years of singularly impactful service and leadership gifted LeTourneau University with an unwavering commitment to Christ, an unparalleled commitment to excellence, and a significant, lasting contribution: one of the premiere aviation programs in the nation, where faith is more foundational than flight. Now, his name welcomes generations of students to come as they enter the ‘front porch’ of the space that houses that very program. The university is forever thankful for Mr. Ritchey's years of service.