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Political Science: Advocacy, Relief & Development

Turn your passion for humanitarian work into a career. 

On Campus


The Political Science: Advocacy, Relief & Development concentration examines various approaches for the foundation of human rights and explores justice from a Biblical perspective. Explore pivotal aspects impacting humanity, including major world religions as well as economic theories of growth in developing countries.

Choose from foreign language or internship experiences and take a Christianity & American Politics capstone course that examines the influence Christianity has had on American politics from the time of the nation’s founding to the present day. Study the theological doctrines underlying interactions between the Christian church and American politics as well as the extent to which political movements emanating from the Christian church achieved their goals. 



  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Religions of the World
  • Justice & Human Rights
  • Domestic Human Trafficking
  • Emergency Management
  • International Development Economics
  • Modern Global History

For more information about course requirements, view the course catalog.

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