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The Call to Code
For the Kingdom of God

By Briahnna Williams

Computer science (CS) is often overlooked in the world. We use technology every day but usually take for granted the coding and programming that is compiled to make the technology work properly for our everyday needs. Students pursuing a computer science degree dive deeper into the operation of technology and work to create software for computers which includes their design, how they are developed, and how it works for the users. We spoke with four different computer science students to discuss this unique major and where they see God taking them on this computing quest.


At LeTourneau University, we emphasize integrating the Christian faith to our academics. LeTourneau’s vision to claim every workplace in every nation begins in the classroom. As students graduate and go on to fulfill their God-given purpose, their line of work is seen as a calling with an eternal impact far greater than a career. Students not only work in their field, but their place of work is also their mission field. Jesus told his people to make disciples of every nation, so that is our mission. Bruk Mulatu, one of the four CS students focuses on his ministry and what God is calling him to do.

“I love the idea of ministry, but I don’t think you have to be up on a pulpit or necessarily in a church setting. While that is a form a ministry, I believe my ministry is coding. One of my dreams is to bring some of the technology from the U.S. back to my home country (Ethiopia) so we can have more stable businesses that run off software.”

Computer science and coding is important for the world we live in. Many people do not know coding or the different programming languages which can cause a disconnection in the workplace. LETU student, Lydia VanderKaay wants to be the bridge for this disconnection in the workplace.

“My passion and the reason I’m in computer science is because I want to be the bridge between technologically literate and non- technologically literate people. I think there's a lot of people that are more businesspeople and understand that, but they can’t communicate with the ‘computer science’ people and don’t know how to create that bridge. I think I have the people skills and I’m in school to learn the computer skills so I can merge both of those together.”

As previously mentioned, LeTourneau faculty and staff are dedicated to helping students grow spiritually. A personal relationship with God is important regardless of profession. Micah McCloy, majoring in cyber security, spoke on the importance of Christians in the workplace.

“My values are not based in what the world says they should be, they're based on something much higher. That’s particularly important in the field of cyber because there's a lot higher stakes. So, being a Christian in that workplace is really important. The world needs lights in the darkest places, and it needs lights in the workplace. Jesus calls Christians to every workplace, and that includes the cyber domain. So, if we're going to be his faithful ambassadors, I think we should continue his call, even into cyber space.”

In order to grow in our relationship with God, we first must know how God created us. We are made in the image of God. This is a vital part of sharing the gospel because we have to know how God has crafted us in order to tell others about it. Christopher Willis, computer science major with a concentration in game development speaks about how his view of God and God’s creation has influenced his passion for video games.

“I have a strong attachment to the idea of us being made in God's image and wanting to reflect his creativity. I see God as a big game developer in a way, making life and designing it and all the mechanics around life, and how the gospel works so well. And I see that in a similar way whenever I'm making games: I'm designing it and making something that's alive and inter-actable.”

These four students are dedicated to LeTourneau’s mission: claiming every workplace in every nation. Their gifts and talents will be used in their desired field as well as to share the gospel with those around them and glorify God through everything that he equips them to do. We are proud of our LeTourneau students and the difference they will make in the world!

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