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Be strong and take courage, all you who hope for the Lord.

Psalm 31:24

Profile Photo: Ben Goller


Phone: 903.233.4421

  • Director of Residence Life

  • Resident Director, Family & Married Student Housing


I have my Bachelor of Arts in History with minors in Youth Ministry and Applied Missions from Taylor University in 2009 and I have my Master of Arts in Higher Education and Student Development from Taylor University in 2012.


I worked as a resident director for three men’s residence halls at Palm Beach Atlantic University from 2012 to 2015. I have worked here at LeTourneau as Director of Residence Life since 2015.

Research Interests

  • Residence Life best practices
  • Educational Assessment
  • Discipleship & Ministry
  • Intercultural Competency & Missions

Classes Taught

  • Discipleship Seminar (Taylor University 2010 & 2011)
  • Developing Processes of Leadership (Taylor University 2011)
  • Short Term Missions Engagement (Taylor University 2011 & 2012)


I grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana most of my life and went to nearby Taylor University in Upland to study History, Youth Ministry and Missions. Through my time at college and working at a church camp in the summers I discovered my passions for education & ministry but had a hard time deciding if I wanted to be a teacher, a youth pastor or a missionary. So I went to grad school for Student Development & Higher Education (again at Taylor) which has launched me into a career that really allows me to delve deeply into both education & ministry.

I married my lovely wife, Kelsie, who is a mental health counselor, as we moved to South Florida for my first job out of grad school where I was a Resident Director for three years at Palm Beach Atlantic University. We also have a little boy named Caleb who is a cute, goofy delight and he loves to give high fives and fist bumps to students. Feel free to say hello if you see us in the café!

I love being outside but I prefer cooler weather over the heat, so you'll see me hammocking, biking, boarding or out for walk quite often once the autumn begins to take hold. I enjoy reading books, particularly WWII history and the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. I also have a passion for cooking, creating new recipes and coming up with unique sandwich ideas, but mostly providing delicious dinners for my wife and son.

I came to LeTourneau in August of 2015 to become the Director of Residence Life. I am passionate about seeing people become more mindful of how they live their lives, learning to deny our culture of instant gratification and seeing people challenge themselves to grow in their relationship with God. This job gives me a great chance to be a part of all of that and I am grateful to be a tool in God's Hand as He changes people's lives.

My favorite thing about LETU is the intellectual power and creativity of our students: Senior Design presentations, seeing students work at the airport, and viewing teaching exhibitions have all shown me how amazing our students really are.