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IMPACT engages a select group of LeTourneau University student leaders to grow in Christ-centered leadership. Through a range of experiences, IMPACT inspires, challenges and trains students to be change agents who cast a vision for the campus and their areas of influence.

Translation: We're here to equip you to be salt and light in the world around you while you're serving in key leadership roles on our campus. When you're an RA or a Chaplain Intern, you're involved in something much more than just your role. You are a part of the larger IMPACT group that attends retreats, leadership conferences, and special training events geared at developing you as a leader, a discipler, and a disciple!

Check out the "Selection Timetable" above to see the schedule for the application process, group and individual interviews, and training events for the semester.

IMPACT organizations serve the community in many ways. Below is a list of each of the IMPACT organizations and a brief description of the aspect of community life the organization addresses. For more specific information, please contact the leaders of each organization.



The student body annually elects five students which comprise the Executive Cabinet for Student Government. The positions are Student Body President, Vice President, Treasurer, President of LeTourneau Student Ministries, and President of YellowJacket Activities Council. These five students provide leadership to the student body and are key liaisons between students and the administration.



Students at LeTourneau University annually elect a Student Senate that acts in cooperation with the administration as the agency to help coordinate campus activities, to help in improving campus conditions for the students, and to function as the student voice in communication between the administration, faculty, and students. Each residence hall is considered a voting district and elects representatives to the Student Senate. Married students and commuting students are also represented.



LSM provides opportunity for students to become involved in ministry on our campus, in our local community, and around the world. LSM leaders have the opportunity to coordinate and implement strategic ministry and mission programs that impact our world for Jesus Christ. Positions offered are President, Administrative Assistant, Secretary, Treasurer, VP of Missions, VP of Campus, VP for Community, and Director of Media.



Peer Advisors are experienced student leaders who have demonstrated academic and community success. Their main focus is to develop relationships with new students and to assist them with transitioning to university life. Peer Advisors connect with new students through the Cornerstones course, which is part of the First Year Experience. Cornerstones introduces students to the LeTourneau University community and encourages a holistic approach to life-long learning. Peer Advisors with majors within the School of Engineering and Engineering Technology also have the opportunity to work with FIGS (First-Year Interest Groups). FIGs will be a little smaller than the typical Cornerstones course section and will be comprised solely of engineering and engineering technology majors.



Each living area is assigned a student to serve as a Resident Assistant. The responsibility of the RA is to lead residents in developing an atmosphere that will help students in spiritual, academic, and social growth. As representatives of the Office of Student Life, they are also entrusted with the responsibility to see that all regulations concerning housing and conduct are maintained. As mentors, encouragers, counselors, and organizers of living area activities, the RAs are a vital element of the Residence Life program.



Each living area on campus has a Chaplain Intern who has the responsibility of encouraging spiritual growth in the lives of students in their living area. Each Chaplain provides counsel and encouragement while planning and directing the activities that foster the spiritual life in the living area. In short, the Chaplain Intern is the pastor to each living area.



NSO cabinet is a team of students who assist in the transition that new students make from home to university life, and the leadership cabinet of this group is a part of IMPACT. The member becomes involved in individual students' lives, as well as assisting in carrying out group activities and programs.



The YellowJacket Activities Council is a group of energetic and dedicated students who are committed to developing Christ-honoring activities that bring the campus together. Seven coordinators lead committees of volunteers in the areas of athletic/recreational events, concerts, fine arts/movies, major/traditional events, MSC-1 programming, off-campus events, and publicity. Coordinators have significant opportunities for leadership development with their participation in IMPACT, leadership of small groups, budget management, and planning and implementation of large events.



Intramurals seeks to provide an arena to recreate and engage as a campus community. The Intramural Student Coordinators are a team vital in ensuring intramurals at LETU remains a fun and encouraging atmosphere. From managing each game in smooth fashion to leading the many behind the scene ideas and processes, these are the individuals that make LETU Intramurals happen.

The following are the Student Affairs staff members who oversee various IMPACT leadership organizations. Feel free to contact them by phone or e-mail, or visit them in the office location listed to learn more about what it means to participate in IMPACT through each position.  


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