Faculty & Staff Vehicle Registration & Policies

All LeTourneau University employees and employees of long-term affiliates who frequently conduct business at any University facility or on the Longview campus are required to register their vehicles with the University Police Department. Faculty, staff and students who primarily frequent learning centers outside of the Longview area are not required, but may, obtain a university vehicle registration decal.

The registration process shall be available to all personnel by:

  1. electronic format, accessible through University hosted web sites, which may be submitted via email or,
  2. paper form obtainable at the University Police Department

Registrations received outside of normal business hours will be processed on the next business day.

New employees shall receive vehicle registration information during the orientation process upon becoming employed. It is employees' responsibility to register their vehicles within five days. Current employees who obtain new vehicles must register them in a timely manner upon bringing the vehicle to University grounds. No more than five working days shall be extended as a grace period for unregistered vehicles.

Employees of the University and of affiliates shall park in parking areas designated with a purple marker. All community members will park in marked parking spaces unless otherwise directed by authorized signage or University Police personnel.

Employees who fail to register and/or operate vehicles in compliance with this policy may be disciplined in accordance with the policies of the University and/or be fined as prescribed by the current schedule of fees and fines for such violations.

Fee/Fine Schedule for Vehicle Registration:

  • All faculty and staff members may register or update old registration, at no cost, prior to the 10th day of classes.
  • After the 10th day of classes unregistered vehicles are subject to being cited
    • Cited vehicle owners will be required to pay a $40.00 fine and registration will be submitted as soon as possible.

Vehicle/Bicycle Registration Link for Faculty/Staff: