Resident Assistant Testimonial

devin-hunt.jpgDevin Hunt, Resident Assistant

Major: Aviation Management
Hall: Thomas Hall
Grad Year: May 2023

What has been the most memorable part of your LETU experience?

There is never a dull moment on my floor; we're always running around and doing something crazy. We drive around at two o'clock in the morning, go on ice cream runs to Andy's, or go to Waffle House. These hangouts have definitely been the most enjoyable part of college.

What do you enjoy about being an RA?

I enjoy being able to impact the guys' lives in whatever way I can, especially the freshmen since they are coming into a new environment. I hated my experience as a freshman because it was during COVID-19, so there were a lot of restrictions and not as many people around. My RA's were cool but they had lives of their own, so I decided to just stay in my room all the time. But, now I really love being an RA and giving the guys on my floor a better experience than I had as a freshman. I don't want them to feel like they're been thrown into a place they are completely unfamiliar with—I want them to be able to adjust well from home life to college.

What do you like about working with your Resident Director?

Aaron Powell is awesome! He is very charismatic and shows that he really cares about the guys in Thomas Hall. He's always looking out for ways he can help. We have one-on-one meeting every other week, and he's willing to just listen to me. He is ready to help the RA's out as well as the students, he always says hi when we see him in the lobby, he has developed a good name for himself around the floor and around campus. People love him, and he is so kindhearted.

Tell us about your experience working for Residence Life.

I enjoy Residence Life: they are always there for the RA's as well. We have monthly meetings where they serve us food and lots of RA training. We have an upcoming event about stepping out in uncomfortable areas that is geared towards some of the graduating seniors and students going into internships or new environments. They are always trying to help us develop in some way, shape, or form. They genuinely care about us and want to help us grow professionally and spiritually.

What challenges have you faced in this position?

The hardest part would probably be not getting distracted by other things that may feel or seem more important. I'm a senior, so I'm preparing to graduate and go into the real world. It's difficult focusing on that and all my classes while also taking care of the guys on my floor. I run a side business, and I was getting so consumed by that over the past semester. One of my guys was like, "Devin, we miss you man!" I realized I needed to balance working with fulfilling my duties as to the floor. They do have their own lives, but I'm still the RA and have to make sure I'm there for all of them.

What's special or unique about your floor?

At almost any time, I can step out onto the floor and find a hoard of guys sitting around and goofing off. We have these water guns, and sometimes I come back and my door has a bunch of residue on it from these little water pelts. One by one, guys will come out of their rooms until we have a tons of us hanging around, and we'll start a water gun or nerf war. Things escalate so quickly! There is always something going on, and it's really unique.