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Tuition & Fee Details: On-Campus

  • Tuition Charges
  • Administrative Fees
  • Student Services Related Fees
  • School of Engineering
  • School of Nursing
  • Aviation & Aeronautical Science
Tuition/Semester (12-18 credit hours) $16,835
Tuition 1-6 hours, per credit hour $612
Tuition 7-11 hours, per credit hour $1,344
Tuition additional hours beyond 18, per credit hour $888
Dual Enrollment Courses $90 per credit hour
Audit Fee per class (Course Lab Fees are applied) $158
Summer School, per credit hour  Summer 2023:
-Course numbers 1000-2999 $380
-Course numbers 3000-4999 $410
Residential Graduate Fee (Dual Enrollment in a Graduate Course, excluding Engineering), per course $350
Tuition Deposit $100
Graduation Fee - Undergraduate $100
Graduation Fee - Graduate $150
Late Registration Fee $100
Transcript each (official and unofficial) $5
Express Transcript Fee (24-hr service, overnight delivery) $30
Diploma Reprint Fee $35
Department Credit by Exam $80
COOP Fee $35
Nelnet Payment Plan Enrollment Fee (all payment plans) $60

Housing Fee (Non-refundable) $150
Room and Board / semester $5,185
Room and Board / semester (Private Room) $5,935
Room only / week Summer School $50
Married Housing Rent (per month) $625
effective 8/1/2022
Married Housing Deposit $300
General Activity Fee Fall and Spring (students enrolled in 6 or more credit hours) $225
General Activity Fee Summer (students enrolled for summer non-refundable) $30
Recreation Fee $50
Technology Infrastructure Fee (students enrolled in 6 or more credit hours) $100
Laundry Fee (students living on campus) $25
Studies Abroad Fee $350
Orientation Fee / New Student Fee $125
International Student Fee $200
Returned Check or Draft Fee $30
ID Card Replacement Fee $10


All Engineering Majors - Per semester fee, for students enrolled in 12 to 18 credit hours (prorated for enrollment in less than 12 credit hours) $1,400


All students taking a Nursing course - Per semester fee
Transportation Fee / semester (All students taking courses at the Abbott Aviation Center) $315
AERF 1132 Primary Flight I $9,130
AERF 1142 Primary Flight II $10,704
AERF 1201 Flight Policies & Standardization $7,782
AERF 2311 Advanced/Commercial Flight I - Tail Wheel Operations $11,640
AERF 3211 Upset Recovery Training $3,086
AERF 3411 Advanced/Commercial Flight II - Multi-Engine Operations $17,713
AERF 3412 Instrument Flight $11,725
AERF 3512 Commercial Flight III - Transport Emphasis $10,549
AERF 3522 Commercial Flight III - Missions Emphasis $14,267
AERF 4201 High Performance Flight $1,296
AERF 4601 CFI Flight Instructor Single Engine $3,814
AERF 4602 Flight Instructor Initial Flight - MEI Transport $13,723
AERF 4611 CFI II Single-Engine Instrument $4,045
Fees Breakdown


NOTE: Flight fees are approximate for each level of instruction and will vary from each student based on aptitude, planning, and discipline. Actual fees are based on the amount of dual instruction time and aircraft time required to achieve the required proficiencies. Instructional charges include pre-flight instruction, flight instruction, and post-flight debriefing time as well as some ground time in preparation for specific flight checks. Dual instructional time is charged in "blocks" of 105 minutes (1 hour and 45 min). Aircraft charge is based on actual aircraft time and type of aircraft flown. Flight fees must be pre-paid. Students are given detailed statements every few weeks so they can monitor their standing. Students must have sufficient time in their schedules to allow adequate rest and study time.

Flight instruction fees must be pre-paid.

**A fuel charge adjustment may be made as fuel prices vary.