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Phone: 903.233.3833

  • President, LeTourneau University Foundation

Tom Bevan is the Executive Director of the (new) LeTourneau University Foundation.  With over 20 years of experience in financial planning, trusts, annuities, estate and legacy planning, Tom knows which plans and financial instruments can help people ensure that the things the Lord has entrusted to them are safeguarded for generations to come as their final legacy. 

The real bottom line is that encouraging others with our faith story (what God meant in our lives and His faithfulness to us) needs to be passed on to those who will come up behind us. In doing so, we assure that all the Lord has done in our lives (and more) now becomes possible in theirs!

And yet further, by incorporating charitable giving into our estate and legacy plans we help "pave the way" to such obedience and faith from those who follow us- and there are a wide array of tax-efficient gift planning instruments available to us in the realm of what is known as "planned giving" to help accomplish that.

Tom and his wife, Laura, have three grown children—the youngest of whom is an LETU electrical engineering alumnus. Their youngest son, David, who graduated in 2010, lives with his wife, Elizabeth, in Longview with their three children.  Tom says being closer to the grandchildren has been a true blessing.

Tom can be reached at or by phone at 903.233.3833.

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