Become a LeTourneau Ambassador

We want to invite you to a new level of commitment to YOUR University.  We invite you to be a LeTourneau Ambassador. 

The dictionary defines an ambassador as a person who acts as a representative or promoter.  As a LeTourneau Ambassador, we are inviting you to join us by representing LeTourneau in three ways: 

  1. Promote LeTourneau University! As you can and when you have opportunity, share about LeTourneau. Do you know a high school student on your block or in your church? Or a professional looking to complete a degree?  How about a local high school or homeschool co-op?  Is there a business in your area looking for highly educated and qualified graduates?  Maybe a college fair?  Promoting LeTourneau means making YOUR University known to those within your reach.  We can/will send materials directly to you to distribute to those you want introduced to LeTourneau University.

  2. Pray for LeTourneau University. The University covets your prayers. If you provide an email address on the reply device, the University’s development office will send you prayer requests every two weeks allowing you to pray in specific ways for LeTourneau University.

  3. Provide at least one gift a year supporting LeTourneau University. This is not about a specific gift amount.  This is about supporting YOUR University at a gift level that makes sense to you.    

 You are probably already doing a portion of these three things.  We now ask you to consider doing all three. Please join us as together we support our university.

Terry Zeitlow, Ph.D., ’87, Vice President for Development