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Honors Experience

Social Events

The Honors College hosts several social events throughout each year. These events are meant to fulfill our goal of learning together in community and our learning outcome of seeking the good of our community. These are times to worship together, pray together, and just do life together.


The Gathering

This all Davis Hall devotional time happens once a month and is a chance to worship together, pray together, and read through Scripture together.


Honors Tea

Fortnightly, we gather together in Davis Hall to share tea [and coffee!] and sweet treats [there are often scones!]. This is a chance to socialize together. Jesus seemed to think that sharing food and drink together was important. We just try to follow his lead.


Special Events/Service Projects

Throughout the year we partake in several Special Events or Service Projects. Previous events have included:

  • Crawfish boil.
  • Christmas Party.
  •  And More!


Academic Events: Conversations

Each semester the Honors College invites scholars and thought leaders to help speak into conversations we are already having or to challenge us to start new conversations that we need to have. We call these colloquiums “Conversations”. Our aim is to provide an enhanced opportunity to explore the connections between faith and learning and to help develop the leadership skills necessary to seek the flourishing of the communities to which we have been called.


Fall 2018 Conversations

“After God’s Own Heart: Can David Help Us Understand What It Looks Like to Follow after God?”
Dr. Benjamin Johnson, Honors College Director, LeTourneau University

“Our Dependent, Vulnerable Human Nature: Obstacle to Overcome or Opportunity for Flourishing”
Dr. Jonathan Lett, Assistant Professor of Theology and Director of Outreach for the Passage Institute for Youth and Theology, LeTourneau University


Previous Conversations:

“How do I figure out my vocation?”
Chad Donohoe, Oread Center, University of Kansas

“Islam and Sacrificial Listening”
Dr David Vishanoff, Prof. of Islamic Studies, University of Oklahoma

Reformation 500 Conference

“Five Things I learned from Failing at Leadership”
Rev. Dr. David A. Baer, Director of the Theological Education Initiative with United World Mission

“Burnout. Anxiety. Depression. Addiction. Compassion Fatigue. Self-doubt. Perfectionism. How can we find healing from the divided self?”
Dr. Chuck DeGroat, Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling, Western Theological Seminary and Senior Fellow, Newbigin House of Studies

“Learning to Deal With Anxiety”
Mark McElmurry, Associate Dean of Students, Covenant Theological Seminary

“What Should Christians Think about Other Religions”
Dr. Kevin Diller, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion, Taylor University