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Mission & Values


Claiming every workplace in every nation as our mission field, LeTourneau University graduates are professionals of ingenuity and Christ-like character who see life’s work as a holy calling with eternal impact.


The teaching-focused program at the School of Engineering and Engineering Technology prepares students to impact the world through the engineering profession as servant-leaders of Christlike character and ingenuity.


  • Christ-Centered Community: We are a Christ-centered community of living faith, growing together with integrity, honesty, and trust. Everything we do is integrated into and flows out of our service to God in Jesus Christ.
  • Outstanding Education and Professional Mentorship: We provide an outstanding ABET accredited engineering education with an exceptional value through unique learning experiences, dedicated faculty, and student mentoring.
  • Heritage of Faith and Innovation: We value the heritage of faith and innovation passed down from  R.G. LeTourneau and equip students, staff, and faculty to be engineers of creativity and ingenuity.