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Engineering Technology: Mechanical

Engineering Technology graduates in the mechanical concentration design equipment and products that affect virtually every area of your life. The emphasis of engineering technology is on the practical application of theory. Mechanical Engineering Technology is one of the most diverse engineering technology disciplines, dealing with the design, development and manufacture of every kind of vehicle, power system, machine and tool.

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The concentration in Mechanical Engineering Technology at LeTourneau University involves a curriculum of 129 semester hours and is one of five concentration choices within our Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology degree.

  • Engineering Design Methodology
  • Engineering Technology Measurements Lab
  • Elements of Machine Design
  • Technical Design Elements

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As a senior design team, Frontier Wheelchairs has partnered with Hope Haven International in Antigua, Guatemala, to improve wheelchair designs to serve the needs of wheelchair users.

Led by Norman Reese, the project allows students to go through the whole engineering design process, from interacting with the "customer" and developing design concepts, to getting hands-on experience building their own wheelchair.

The SAE Mini Baja Project is an international, collegiate competition that requires students design, build, and race an off-road vehicle. SAE gives specific guidelines that each team must follow in order to compete.

Competition results are based on the design, cost, and performance of each vehicle. Teams are entirely student based with the exception of a faculty advisor.

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Norman Reese - Mechanical Engineering Spotlight

Norman Reese, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology, talks about the essential spiritual component of his role as an instructor in pointing students to Christ, and the fulfilling work students get to be a part of such as the Frontier Wheelchairs which engineers wheelchairs for the developing world.

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This concentration gives a firm understanding of mechanical principles and machines to prepare you to work in various career fields, including:

  • Machine design
  • Automotive systems
  • Automation
  • Energy conversion
  • Airplanes
  • Space vehicles

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