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Profile Photo: Nathan Green, Ph.D.

Green, Ph.D.

Phone: 903.233.3906

  • Professor of Practice, Electrical Engineering

Senior Design - LEGRANGE


PhD Electrical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin, 2018

MEng Systems Engineering, Iowa State University, 2013

BS Engineering - Mechanical Concentration, LeTourneau University, 2007


Senior Guidance, Navigation, and Control Engineer, Coherent Technical Services, Inc. 2010- Present

Systems Engineer, Rockwell-Collins, Inc. 2007 - 2010

Classes Taught

Communication Systems

Senior Design

Navigation Systems

Graduate Research

Research Interests

Flight Control

Model Predictive Control


Navigation Systems

Estimation Theory

Software Defined Radios

Computer Vision


G. Nathan Green and Todd Humphreys, "Data-Driven Generalized Integer Aperture Bootstrapping for High-Integrity Positioning", Transactions on Aerospace Electronic Systems10.1109/TAES.2018.2864770, Accepted 2018.

G. Nathan Green and Todd Humphreys, "Position Domain Integrity Analysis for Generalized Integer Aperture Bootstrapping", Transactions on Aerospace Electronic Systems,10.1109/TAES.2018.2864766, Accepted 2018.

G. Nathan Green. Advanced Techniques for Safety-of-Life Carrier Phase Differential GNSS Positioning with Applications to Triplex Architectures. PhD thesis, The University of Texas at Austin, Dec. 2017.
G. Nathan Green and Todd E. Humphreys. World-wide triplex CDGNSS performance. In ”The Proceedings of the Royal Institute of Navigation”, Glasgow, Scotland, UK, 2016.

G. Nathan Green, Martin King, and Todd E. Humphreys. Data-driven generalized integer aperture bootstrapping for real-time high integrity applications. In Proceedings of the IEEE/ION PLANS Meeting, Savannah, GA, 2016.

G. Nathan Green, Martin King, and Todd E. Humphreys. Fault free integrity of mid-level voting for triplex differential GPS solutions. In Proceedings of the ION GNSS+ Meeting, Tampa, FL, 2015.