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How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching?

Romans 10:14

Profile Photo: Jo Lin Gowing, P.E.

Jo Lin
Gowing, P.E.

Phone: 903.233.3900

  • Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering


M.S., Mechanical Engineering – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1988.

                  Thesis: “Acoustic Emissions Monitoring of Large Superconducting Fusion Magnets”

B.S., Mechanical Engineering – Clemson University, 1986.

                  Senior thesis: “Natural Convection in Vertical Cylinders”


  • Lecturer of Mechanical Engineering, LeTourneau University, 2020 – present
  • Adjunct Professor of Mechanical Engineering, LeTourneau University, 2017 – 2020
  • Homeschool Educator, Woodruff Latin Academy, 1994 - present
  • Engineering Instructor, Northwest Technical Institute, 1992 – 1993
  • Licensed Professional Engineer (Minnesota) since 1992
  • Math Instructor, Northwest Technical Institute, 1990 – 1992
  • Plant Engineer, Michelin North America US3, 1989 – 1990
  • Design Engineer, GE Aerospace, 1988 – 1989
  • Research Assistant, MIT Plasma Fusion Center, 1986 – 1987

Courses Taught

  • MEGR 2023  Dynamics


When I was in 6th grade, I decided that I wanted to become an engineer. I love math and science, but even more, I love being able to apply it to everyday life. And that’s how I see engineering: using math and science to make everyday life amazing. And God is the perfect engineer, using the laws of science that He established to bring His Creation into existence. My pursuit of engineering helps me understand my Creator more fully and allows me, in turn, to help others.

My husband and I met at church one Sunday while I was studying mechanical engineering at MIT. I was struggling with a computer programming project, and he offered to help. We spent many romantic hours basking in the glow of a CRT monitor, coding in C and XWindows.  After graduation in 1988, we married and I took a variety of jobs in industry.  I took a break from industry to raise a family; we have 3 sons and a daughter. And 4 cats.

Although at this point I’m responsible for only one course, Dynamics, I’m very involved with student life here at LeTourneau. Currently, I’m the faculty advisor for LOX (aka. Ladies of Christ, the girls’ society on campus) and I’m the assistant advisor for the LETU Scratch Club, a group that is working with the local Boys’ and Girls’ Club to teach the kids how to code using a Biblical approach. I’m also mom of the crew at “Nerdville,” as one student has dubbed our home. I love sports, especially soccer. God has blessed us in so many ways, and we are happy to be here at LeTourneau.