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Aviation Maintenance Science: Electrical Technology

This degree in aviation prepares you to work on any aspect of aircraft electronics.


The Electrical Technology Concentration of Aviation Maintenance Science prepares you to work with both. The aviation industry sees the modern aircraft as a platform of multiple systems. Normally, electronics control each system and serve as the "glue" which integrates the systems. This degree in aviation prepares you to work on any aspect of aircraft electronics.

Grads of this concentration are aggressively recruited, even in the filed of engineering. Electronic systems concentration graduate placement has been at or near 100% for years. The Aviation Industry Advisory Committee and company recruiters expect this trend to continue.

Cessna Aircraft does major recruiting at LETU, while Rockwell Collins, an avionics supplier for business, regional, air-transport and military avionics, regularly hires LETU grads as avionics systems engineers.

The certification you will earn:
  • Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) Technician Certificate

A Few Career Options:

FYI: LETU graduates of this concentration are aggressively recruited for systems engineering jobs. There is high demand for aviation grads with both Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) and electronic system skills. With this concentration, you can work as an aircraft maintenance technician or an:

  • Engineer / designer for avionics supplier - Aircraft manufacturers usually purchase avionics subsystems from third-party suppliers.
  • Designer / engineer / technician for aircraft completion center - Completion centers install custom interiors, avionics and entertainment systems in every type of aircraft imaginable.
  • Designer / technician / manager for avionics specialty shop - These shops specialize in upgrades and refurbishment of avionics systems in small aircraft.
  • Aircraft maintenance technician

Check out the course requirements.


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