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Student Achievements

Civil Engineering

Last week, our civil engineering team, consisting of 15 students recently attended the 2024 ASCE Student Symposium Region 6. Students faced off against 19 universities in the Steel Bridge Competition. The LETU civil team clinched a total of five prestigious awards. This marked our civil team’s second participation in the Steel Bridge Competition. Our students civilconstructed a bridge that impressively withstood a 2500 lb weight with just 0.5 inches of deflection, earning us 2nd place in the stiffness category. Furthermore, their dainty craftsmanship resulted in a stunning bridge painted in blue and yellow, garnering 2nd place in the aesthetics category. Additionally, the team secured 3rd place in Structural Efficiency based on overall structural cost. The entire fabrication, including processes like cutting, grinding, welding was done in our materials joining lab on campus.

Our team also competed against six universities in the Timber-strong competition. Civil defended our championship title for the third consecutive time, securing two awards: 1st place in the BIM model category and 1st place in overall performance. Congratulations to these students for their accomplishments.


Psychology & Counseling

The School of Psychology & Counseling was represented at the 9th Annual Regional Student Scholars Forum at LSU-Shreveport. Five members of Dr. Sheafer's Statistics and Research Methods II class presented their projects. Samritha Selvakumar and Shri Abhinaya presented their project entitled "An Examination of Study Habits in University Students" and won second placepsych out of 30 competitors for their poster in the undergraduate competition. We are proud of all of our students and the way they represented LeTourneau University.