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Listen to uncut stories from LeTourneau faculty members, telling how God brought them to LeTourneau and is at work in their lives and the classroom.
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Listen to uncut stories from men and women who have built their story at LeTourneau University.

LETU Remotely Piloted Aircraft Program Coordinator Ruedi Schubarth is a 2008 LETU alumnus whose work training military servicemen using unmanned aircraft led him back to start the drone program at his alma mater where he leads and disciples his students to pursue excellence.

LeTourneau University Associate Professor of Healthcare Programs Dr. Laura Neal began at LETU as an adjunct in 2017, but since February 2018, she has enjoyed bringing her full, authentic self into the classroom to engage with students face to face on leadership, management or healthcare.

LeTourneau University Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. Scott Dyer is an environmental biologist with expertise in toxicology and water resource management. He teaches students to be good stewards of the earth’s resources God has provided.

LeTourneau University Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology Dr. John Tixier wasn’t looking for a career change when God called him to teach at LETU after decades of experience at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

LeTourneau University Flight Science Instructor Jimmy Page was an airline pilot for 12 years before coming to LETU to teach aviation with creativity in the classroom. Unafraid to try new things, he’s encouraged by students developing into professional pilots.

LeTourneau University Assistant Professor of Applied Aviation Science Keith Anderson (‘83 LETU alumnus) grew up a missionary kid who wanted to study missionary aviation. Today he seeks to help LETU students develop a biblical worldview consistent with the Scriptures.

LeTourneau University Associate Dean for the College of Aviation and Aeronautical Science Sean Fortier is a professor in applied aviation science who has taught avionics at LETU since January 1994. A Moody Bible Institute graduate, Fortier’s goal is educating academically and spiritually.

LeTourneau University Professor of Flight Science Brad Wooden (’97) was an airline pilot before returning to LETU in 2005 to teach. He opened the McKinney campus in 2015 and is now chief flight instructor in Longview. He sees God’s hand in his career at LETU.

LeTourneau University Dean of the School of Business Dr. Van Graham is leading a “renaissance” in the school and has initiated a first-year business start-up experience in entrepreneurship for incoming students and to have them take the light of Christ into their future workplaces.

LeTourneau University Director for the Center for Counseling Treva Barham is a Licensed Personal Counselor seeing clients of her own, as well as directing the professional Christian mental health services provided to LETU students and members of the community by LETU graduate psychology majors.

LeTourneau University Assistant Professor of Flight Science Laura Laster gained operational management experience at Dynamic Aviation then worked six years as director of flight operations at LETU. Laster loves seeing her students learn and succeed in their careers as professional pilots.

LeTourneau University Associate Professor of Business Dr. Karen Jacobs says she enjoys mentoring students. Hands-on projects and small class sizes give students real-world education in research and pitching their proposals. She takes students as undergraduates to present at professional conferences, and they win!

LeTourneau University Associate Professor of Psychology and Counseling Dr. Malinda Fasol started teaching as an adjunct at LETU until 2013 when she came on fulltime to teach online. With teaching videos and online conferences, she feels students are getting one-on-one interaction with her.

LeTourneau University Dean of the School of Psychology and Counseling Dr. Vicki Sheafer has loved school her whole life. For over two dozen years, she has taught psychology here as her first job after grad school. Blessed with wonderful colleagues, she loves the sense of community on campus.

LeTourneau University Assistant Professor of English Aaron Brown loves teaching creative writing. The MK attended a Christian college and a secular university but found the latter limiting on discussing faith and truth. He considers imagination and creativity something to grow and develop.

LeTourneau University Assistant Professor of Psychology and Counseling Dr. Jong Lee, originally from South Korea, has always wanted to teach at a Christian university. Psychology theory is secular, but the Christian worldview helps us understand how to recover from difficulties in life.

LeTourneau University Professor of Chemistry Dr. Gary DeBoer has taught at LETU since 1998 with summers working at NASA, the Naval Research Lab and the Air Force Research Lab. Intellectual Property issues and how technology impacts our world are some of his academic passions.

LeTourneau University Associate Professor of Teacher Education Jodie Hilburn knows providing hands-on field experience in the classroom from a student’s first year is a key to enabling those students to become successful classroom teachers to impact the future.

LeTourneau University Professor of Kinesiology Dr. Wayne Jacobs teaches kinesiology in both in the online and on-ground programs, as well as doing research and writing. The published author of “Strong Temple for Men” teaches biblical health and wellness.

LeTourneau University Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. Fred Baliraine is originally from Uganda. He says he found the LETU campus to be like a welcoming family. He believes in Christian education where he can do research and publish with students as well as teach and minister.

LeTourneau University Political Science Professor Dr. John Barrett was involved in politics early. With two degrees in international relations, his passion for politics and discipleship led him to get his doctorate to teach political science and encourage respectful discourse.

LeTourneau University Associate Professor of Computer Science Dr. Glyn Gowing said God worked it out for him to teach cybersecurity after his son applied to be an engineering student at LETU. Gowing teaches students in a new cybersecurity lab to be certified ethical hackers and use their Christian faith.

LeTourneau University Director of Fine Arts Dr. Jim Taylor came to LETU in Fall 2017 to initiate a new fine arts program at a historically STEM-focused school. A church choir director of music for two decades, Taylor has grown the arts to include music, theatre, art and drama.

LeTourneau University Associate Professor of Computer Science and Interim Department Chair Dr. Ken Rouse said he knew LETU was special when he was asked to share his Christian testimony in every interview. He knows strongly ethical computer professionals are heavily sought by industry.

LeTourneau University Professor of Mechanical Engineering Dr. Jonathan Demko worked at U.S. Department of Energy laboratories, at General Dynamic, at the Supercollider, at Oak Ridge National Laboratories, but then God used that time in industry to prepare him to teach at LETU.

LeTourneau University Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Dr. Darryl Low came to teach in 2012. He was impressed by students who told him that faculty relationships and hands-on teaching made a difference in their lives. He says it is a privilege to serve them.

LeTourneau University Professor of Psychology and Counseling Dr. Jeffrey Quiett directs clinical training and teaches primarily in the online graduate program to get students ready for their practicum and internship. Interviews he does with students help identify that they are ethically sound.

LeTourneau University Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering Dr. Ko Sasaki came to the U.S. as an international graduate student from Japan in 1994. His research on a prosthetic knee joint provides students a senior design project to develop a working knee joint.

LeTourneau University Professor of Electrical Engineering Dr. Shelli Starrett loves to see how happy students are when they make things that work. Working for God’s kingdom at LETU energizes her. Her 16-year-old son is already a dual-credit high school student.

LeTourneau University Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering Andrew Davis is working on his doctorate at the University of Washington. Working at LETU where all faculty are believers and where he can speak about his Christian faith to students attracted him to teach here.

LeTourneau University Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering Craig Olson sees his life as a book that God is writing. For 34 years, he was in the U.S. Air Force, first flying as a pilot then working on aircraft weapon systems. Teaching mechanical engineering and mentoring students is his passion.

LeTourneau University Professor of Electrical Engineering Dr. Paul Leiffer has worked at LETU since 1979. Last year, his students won first place in international Engineering World Health Competition for a non-invasive hemoglobin detector for use in less-resourced countries.

LeTourneau University Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Senior Design Project Program Coordinator Dr. Byron Lichtenberg came to LeTourneau with his daughter on a preview experience. Shortly thereafter, the two-time NASA astronaut was invited to teach as a faculty member.

LeTourneau University Mechanical Engineering Professor and Department Chair Dr. Scott Anson found LETU to be a community of sincere unapologetic evangelic faith that is warm and relevant in our culture. He has mentored several students to understand the truth of God’s word.

LeTourneau University Associate Dean of the School of Engineering and Engineering Technology Dr. Matthew Green seeks to use his gifts and talents for humanitarian applications and serving the poor while training the next generation of engineers.

LeTourneau University Assistant Professor and Chair of Engineering Technology Department Jeff Johnson (’94 alumnus) works with the Baja Senior Design Team and is grateful LETU changed his spiritual life in significant ways. He wants to have that same kind of impact on students’ lives today.

LeTourneau University Dean of Nursing Dr. Kimberly Quiett says God qualifies the called, and when she came in 2013 to lay the groundwork for a new nursing program, she was rewarded in 2014 with the School of Nursing being approved to educate excellent nurses for the future.

LeTourneau University assistant professor of nursing Martha Keel has more than 20 years of experience teaching nursing to students to become compassionate medical professionals who comfort the sick and witness to patients and their families through some of life’s deepest struggles.

LeTourneau University Assistant Professor of Nursing Dr. Jessie Wheatley says having the opportunity to combine her nursing educator career and her Christian faith to prepare students for faith-integrated nursing has been a highlight for her since finding LETU.

LeTourneau University Dean of Engineering Dr. Steve Starrett is a national expert in water resources management and civil engineering ethics with two decades teaching experience. Starrett was attracted to LETU for its hands-on, multi-disciplinary engineering projects that emphasize Christ-centered learning and integrity and produce "industry ready" graduates.

LeTourneau University Professor of Accounting Dr. Beverly Rowe earned a theatre degree before completing her doctorate in accounting, and she says God wastes nothing, using her theatrical skills to teach accounting. When we acknowledge God in all our ways, He makes our path straight.