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Becoming an LETU Student (for online Undergraduate students)

We're not only thrilled for you to join the LeTourneau community, but we're also at the ready to help you most conveniently work through these next steps in the process. This video series is one way we've designed for you to do just that. Along with our warmest congratulations and excitement, the 'Becoming a LeTourneau University Student' series—just for you, our online undergraduate students—will communicate the basics of paying for your degree (Tuition, Aid & Scholarships), as well as the specific admissions requirements for your area of academic interest. There are a few key documents you'll need to submit along the way, so make notes as you go, and reach out to the contacts referenced as any questions come up! We're here to help.



This video covers helpful information regarding tuition and financial aid. The financial part of the college enrollment process can feel a little overwhelming, but this overview is designed to help simplify it for you, answer some key questions along the way, and point you in the right direction to learn more. View this snapshot of cost, institutional awards, federal aid, military aid, and scholarships—and then contact our financial aid office at [financialaid@letu.edu](mailto:financialaid@letu.edu) or 1-800-759-8811. - Dig into details: [https://letu.edu/finaid](https://letu.edu/finaid) - Get a rough estimate of costs: [https://letu.edu/netcost](https://letu.edu/netcost) - Take a look at our scholarships for online students: [https://letu.edu/online-scholarships](https://letu.edu/online-scholarships) - Other outside scholarship options: [https://letu.edu/outside-scholarships](https://letu.edu/outside-scholarships)

This video will walk you through the final details of making sure your application is ready for review by our admissions staff. This primarily includes the basic steps and important details involved in requesting your official transcripts from any previous institution you’ve attended, which is simpler than it sounds. With that missing piece in place, you’re almost there!