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25 Top Tips from the LETU Parent Council

Encourage your child to make friends and find a support group, especially on their floors. Push kindly for that but don't nag them. Encourage them to get involved. 

Send silly cards every couple of weeks - it's always exciting (and a little novel these days!) for students to find "real mail" in their mailbox. Share what your family is up to. Gift cards to local restaurants are great too! And if you're on campus, stick a card or letter in their mailbox before you leave. All mail/package info can be found here.

Send treats, and be sure to send at the first of the week so the package isn't sitting in the post office all weekend. Tell them subtly to check their box if it's perishable or time sensitive. Always include a hand written note and include younger siblings. Two practical must-haves: quarters and Tide Pods for washing clothes! Don't forget to include their roommates sometimes.

Send Amazon packages to a physical address (2100 S. Mobberly Avenue, 75602). You may even include "John CPO 222 Smith" on the second address line for more detail. Letters go to their CPO box.

Encourage your kid/s to stay on campus and participate, especially on weekends. Events are always happening.

From a Parent Council member who also served on the LETU Alumni council - LETU is indeed the Christian school that it has always been! Encourage students to go to Sunday Prayer and Praise (and go with them if you're on campus!). It's student led and so powerful. "Peer pressure" is often to go to special on-campus worship events or to church! 

Don't let your kids find out about family news on social media - call or text them first. 

If you have a family emergency and can't get in touch with your student you can call university police and they can find the student's RD - (903) 233-4444.

Local parents - please welcome kids into your home! This is especially true during holidays like Thanksgiving and Easter when many students can't travel home. 

Engineering majors - be aware of materials needed for 3D printer building! Consider buying because labs get very busy (i.e. soldering iron, small tool kit, good calculator). Kids can go in together and buy on Amazon or Lowe's to save money. 

Encourage your child to support student athletes by attending games! If you have a student athlete, come to their games!

Encourage kids to plug into a local church - they will be nourished spiritually at LETU, but church is vital.

Academics are rigorous - encourage them to take advantage of academic support and not fall behind.

Schedule a weekly conference call on the same day/time with the whole family to keep connected. 

Use Career Services early! Develop a good resume, utilize the alumni network, and join LinkedIn well before senior year. Invest in a suit/tie and a professional outfit early to prepare for presentations, Career Fair, job interviews and more.

Come back for Homecoming and Family weekend!! Plan for it early!

Get to know your student's friends! Take them to dinner and spend time with their group when you are on campus. If they join a society or live in an apartment, cook for the group. Their friends will love you!

To homeschool parents from fellow homeschool parents - college marks a major change for you because you are used to controlling your student's education and time. Let them spread their wings and figure things out! 

From a former local police officer - this is a safe campus! 

Just in case your child gets hurt or sick, make sure they have a picture of their medical insurance card on their phone. They will lose a card but never their phone! Make sure they know a little about their family's medical history so they are prepared to fill out medical forms.

Join the LeTourneau University Parents group on Facebook! LETU staff follow the group and chime in BUT the communication among fellow parents is especially helpful and relevant. Parents can help coordinate rides home, advise in case of an emergency, give advice in specific situations and offer up prayers on your behalf.

If your family shops at WalMart, be sure to download and use the Savings Catcher app! You simply scan receipts and accrue money - this will help your student (because you know they are making late night runs to WalMart!) and you can even send a gift card to help them out.

Be sure your student uses their YAC savings card - it features tons of coupons and special LETU deals for off-campus restaurants and businesses.

By week three or four... you may start hearing a little more stress in your student's voice. Classes are hard, life is hitting home, they may have some meltdowns. We can't live life for them and they may stumble but take time to encourage them. Listen but don't throw advice at them. 

Pray for your student and pray with them! Ask how you can pray for them, let them know you are praying and have their back. Your relationship with your child will change but the Lord has prepared you for that!!!!!