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File-Sharing @ LETU

Downloading or distributing copyrighted material for personal use or entertainment without explicit permission from the copyright owner is against the law!

Staying legal is EASY!

  • Avoid P2P: The safest way to avoid copyright infringement trouble is to avoid using peer-to-peer and other file-sharing software altogether. More information on P2P can be found here.
  • Use Legal Alternatives: EDUCAUSE, an organization that serves the technology needs of higher education, keeps a very comprehensive list of legal download sites that can be viewed by clicking here. The MPAA also has a new search engine that lets you know where you can legally watch content:
  • Get permission to share: Confirm that the distributor of a file you are interested in downloading has permission from the copyright holder to distribute it. Assume you don't have permission to download or distribute a file unless you have proof to the contrary.
  • Recognize the Difference: Services that provide music legally will not usually have confusing warnings telling you how to use their software legally. Legal sites should also have documentation available proving that their service doesn't violate copyright.

A Copyright Tutorial is available for in depth information.

LeTourneau's policy on copyright violations can be found in the LETU Policy Handbook.

To contact the Information Technology department for additional information, please visit our web site at


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