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Global Service Learning

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From its inception, the mission of GSL has been learning to serve the world. We seek to provide hands-on opportunities for students to learn how to serve the underserved with the academic skills they are acquiring at LETU so they become globally-minded leaders who steward their time and abilities and reach out to the least among us. At the same time, we seek to create opportunities for LETU faculty members to engage in innovative and pioneering research and scholarship that ultimately serves the world in a Christ-honoring way. We want to provide some of the resources needed for our faculty and students to dream and consider how their disciplines are uniquely poised to solve real world problems and be a part of God's redemptive plan.

Consider a few of the innovative and pioneering ways our faculty and students are serving.


The Wheels team is an interdisciplinary team that researches wheelchair function for people with disabilities in under resourced settings. The goal is to improve the lives of people with disabilities by providing feedback to wheelchair manufacturers. In addition to the research done here on campus, the team does field studies in Kenya each summer at several partnering agencies.


A team of faculty and students from Mechanical Engineering and Mechanical Technology Engineering implement the research of the Wheels project by using their engineering skills to make improvements in wheelchair design for developing nations. The Frontier Wheelchair teams design, build, and adapt the machinery needed to test wheelchair components as well as continuing to work on more functional chair design from top to bottom.


Nursing Project

Our LETU nursing students and faculty spend time in a very hands-on setting by coming alongside a local agency and local physicians to provide medical care clinics in some of the most remote places in Guatemala. The focus in on basic healthcare, adequate nutrition, clean water, and education. And the goal is to collaborate and develop sustainable programs in areas of the world where healthcare needs are significant.


 Counseling & Psychology Project

As travel to Cuba has recently opened up, a team of students, faculty, and staff from our Counseling & Psychology Department have partnered with a local Cuban ministry to help provide psychological services especially in relation to the work of local pastors.


Our hope at GSL is to stimulate the incubation of new research projects and to support the continued implementation of current projects. We want to see learning inside the classroom connect with practical applications and needs outside the classroom walls. With our talented faculty, high-ability students, and the historic LeTourneau culture of ingenuity in Christian service, God has uniquely equipped us to join His call to love one another and make disciples in every nation. So how do we do this?

As faculty and students consider and develop specific projects in their chosen fields, these values are kept in mind. We desire to:

  • Honor Christ and serve others with our discipline and expertise.
  • Develop sustainable solutions that ease human suffering and encourage human flourishing.
  • Seek multidisciplinary solutions and partner with long term, gospel-centered organizations.
  • Prepare students to be the next generation of global servant-leaders.
  • Encourage faculty and students to broadly use their resources and ingenuity for the sake of the world.



Each Global Service Learning project:

  • Must involve both faculty and students as a collaborative team and work alongside long-term strategic partners
  • Must confront a global problem that has ongoing sustainability and practical application
  • Must build upon an existing discipline within the university
  • Must address a need that has educational benefit for the student and professional benefit for the faculty
  • Must be fiscally sound and sustainable for both the university and host country


We believe that LETU is a unique piece of the puzzle in solving specific problems as part of God's plan of renewal of this fragmented world. GSL projects provide students the opportunity to apply their first world education to real world problems in a multidisciplinary, global setting. Through these projects, students become active participants alongside faculty in their host location, engaging with members of the community, and developing skills that will ultimately make them more responsible global citizens as they grow in seeing their life's work as a holy calling with eternal impact.frontierwheelsupdate1-resize.jpg

At GSL, we establish strategic partnerships with missionaries, ministries, and NGOs already on the ground doing long term, gospel-centered work. We firmly believe GSL projects are transformational for both students and faculty as well as for the communities around the world that benefit from these specific initiatives.

Alan Clipperton
Vice President for Global Initiatives


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