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Dual credit is an incredible opportunity for high school students to receive college credit before before graduation. Dual credit not only gives students a head start with college credits, but it also saves on the cost of higher education.


Dual Credit: Saving Time and Money

Dual credit is a program for high school students to take college level courses while still being enrolled in high school. These courses are offered during the semester or in the summer. Dual credit courses are beneficial for high school students because it’s a great way to further your undergrad experience and allow you to gain college before even entering a university. 

The benefits of taking dual credit:

  • Accumulate college hours at a low cost
  • Completion of general education courses needed for college
  • Greater financial freedom after earning your degree
  • Helps reduce anxiety about transitioning from high school to college
  • Reduce your overall time enrolled in college
  • Higher advantage in the career world
  • Learning organizational skills and time management
  • Master additional learning management systems such as Canvas or Blackboard

Advantages of taking dual credit at the Christian Polytechnic University:

  • LeTourneau equips students for their vocation
  • Have a solid foundation
  • LeTourneau prepares students with the skills they need in their careers
  • The LETU Dual Credit Scholarship is $17,000 per year for up to four years
  • Students receive the Dual Credit Scholarship for passing at least one course
  • Introductory courses (one credit hour) for students to decide what they want to major in
  • LETU’s low cost rate of $90 per credit hour

Many choose to take AP/ IB courses instead of dual credit. While AP/IB courses are still great programs, here are some differences between dual credit and AP/IB:

  • Dual credit students automatically earn college credit after passing the class
  • AP or IB programs are a full school year followed by a mandatory test
  • College credit is only given if a student receives a certain score on the test
  • Different colleges have certain scoring criteria for AP/IB courses


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