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Nursing Vitals


The LeTourneau University School of Nursing is committed to educating highly skilled and exceptionally competent nurses who are answering a call to the ministry of nursing. Faculty engage students to develop competency and ingenuity in the profession of nursing. Graduates of LeTourneau University's nursing program will be prepared to integrate faith in the delivery of competent, compassionate care to patients and families within the local and global community. Graduates will endeavor to demonstrate Christian virtue in "Every Workplace and Every Nation."



The LeTourneau School of Nursing will provide an innovative educational program inspiring students and faculty to express Christian virtue through their contributions of nursing care and leadership to patients and families within the local and global community.



The LeTourneau University School of Nursing will strive to enhance the registered nursing workforce in Texas, the United States, and around the world. Overall goals of the school will include:

  • Preparing Bachelor of Science in Nursing graduates for entry level practice as RNs;
  • Preparing graduates to participate fully in a dynamic health care system;
  • Encouraging graduates to become not only licensed RNs but also experts in specific fields of nursing through certification, continued education, and formal education in graduate level programs.



The LeTourneau University BSN Program graduate will:

  1. Practice ingenuity providing appropriate nursing assessment, intervention, and evaluation for individuals, families, populations, and communities as a member of the nursing profession.
  2. Provide safe, compassionate, comprehensive nursing care to patients, families, populations, and communities.
  3. Serve as a health care advocate providing leadership within the profession of nursing, professional groups, the health care system, and the community.
  4. Synthesize clinical reasoning and knowledge to provide patient-centered care for individuals, families, and communities.
  5. Integrate Biblical principles, Christian virtue, and ethics into nursing practice.
  6. Demonstrate responsibility for continued competence in nursing practice and foster lifelong learning by developing insight through reflection and self-analysis.