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LETU Honored with 16 Top Awards, a trusted resource for program rankings and higher education planning, has included LeTourneau University in its list of institutions assessed for 2024.'s institutional rankings, which are set apart from other conventional ratings, are deemed the benchmark of academic evaluations for online and hybrid programs. An exclusive methodology is used to rank each institution on a scale from 0 to 100 across six categories. Evaluations are based on quantitative measures such as academic quality, graduation rate, cost and ROI, and student resources. With top picks that are highly-regarded, affordable, and offer the tools and resources students need to successfully graduate and excel in their fields.

Recent studies show that Bachelor’s degree holders earn 75% more than those with just a high school diploma. Moreover, the trajectory of earnings ascends with the level of educational attainment, showcasing a progressively larger payoff. The numbers are compelling: completing college positions allows individuals to earn a median lifetime income of $2.8 million, a significant leap from the $1.6 million median for those limited to a high school diploma.

LeTourneau University has been recognized for the following awards:

Best Online Bachelor's in Aeronautics and Aviation Degree Programs | Ranked 2

Best Online Colleges in Texas | Ranked 4

Best Online Human Services Degree Programs | Ranked 5

Best Online Bachelor's in Criminology Degree Programs | Ranked 11

Cheapest Accelerated Bachelors Degree Online | Ranked 11

Best Online Finance  Degree Programs of 2024 | Ranked 13

Best Colleges in Texas | Ranked 14

Best Online Master’s in Psychology Degree Programs of 2024 | Ranked 22

Quickest Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs | Ranked 24

Best Online Associate Degrees of 2024 | Ranked 25

Best Online Bachelor's in Ministry Degree Programs | Ranked 27

Best Online Bachelor's in Education Degree Programs of 2024 | Ranked 33

Best Online Bachelor's in Management Information Systems Degree Programs | Ranked 34

Best Online Bachelor's in Behavioral Psychology Degree Programs | Ranked 35

Best Online Master's in Educational Leadership Degree Programs of 2024 | Ranked 38

Best Online Master's in Counseling Degree Programs of 2024 | Ranked 42

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