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LeTourneau students, like any college students, typically encounter a great deal of stress (i.e., academic, interpersonal, family, work, financial) during the course of their educational experience. While most students cope successfully with the demands of college life most of the time, there will be times when many LeTourneau students experience distress and will benefit from our caring staff. The following are examples of concerns for which college students often seek assistance:

  • Personal Issues
    Anxiety, loneliness, depression, anger, guilt, low self-esteem.
  • Tension/Stress
    Physical complaints such as insomnia, headache, fatigue, digestive problems, and academic concerns (i.e., test anxiety, poor study habits or performance).
  • Relationship Issues
    Roommate problems, boyfriend/girlfriend difficulties, marital issues, pre-marital counseling, singleness, sexual concerns.
  • Developmental/Family Issues
    Fear and guilt, anger, frustration, family crisis, concerns from childhood and/or adolescence, divorce.
  • Other Issues
    Drugs and alcohol, food preoccupation, grief, crisis pregnancy.

The above is not meant to be a comprehensive list. Students may have a concern other than the ones mentioned. The staff is available for and willing to talk with students whatever their concern(s) may be.  To set up an appointment, call 903-233-3480 and talk with Kelly Robinson, email KellyRobinson@letu.edu, or visit the Center for Counseling in person in Longview Hall.


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