University Web Page Specifications

Design Template

The LeTourneau University Web site incorporates a design template that provides a consistent base, menu and navigation style for all its pages that enhances clarity and maximizes efficiency. The use of the University Web site template is restricted to only the official University Web site.

The template includes editable and non-editable areas. University departments are required to provide tailored content, make changes and submit content updates to the editable areas of the template. For any questions, contact the Director of University Marketing & Communications.



All photographs and graphic images incorporated within the LeTourneau Web site should accurately reflect the University’s community and programs.

For questions regarding image selection, contact:
Tom Barnard, Creative Director
TomBarnard@letu.edu , (903) 233-4397

To make the best use of storage space and ensure that all University Web pages render quickly, all graphics should be resized to Web-appropriate dimensions before uploading in CMS. In most cases, the max width is of the content area is 750 pixels.

Images used with onscreen media are of low-resolution due to file size constraints. Therefore, these images should never be copied or saved from the Web site for reproduction in print or otherwise, as this would compromise the integrity and clarity of the original file.


Descriptions & Keywords

All University Web pages require a page description to assist with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Each page description should contain a concise explanation of the Web page content, summarizing what the page is about (what it entails and why its content is important). This description will often appear on search engine results pages.

Each page description should be around two sentences in length (Google limits descriptions to 160 characters). Avoid repeating any word more than twice, and be sure to include the information of most interest to the target audience searching for your page. Also, where possible, page descriptions should be unique – the more times the same description appears on the site the less helpful it is. Each Web page also requires a list of keywords, separated by commas, that convey the main ideas of the page content.

Both the page description and keyword options are found in the page properties window in CMS: