Project Background


In the nuclear and petrochemical industries, ductility dip cracking is a metallurgical phenomenon that can be encountered. To eliminate this issue, special nickel-based filler metals have been developed specifically for applications in these industries. These alloys, such as the Inconel 635 MS, are effective but difficult to weld. The Nickel Alloy Research Project is exploring ways to increase weldability through parametric optimization.

This research is applicable in the nuclear industry, which uses Ni-Cr-Fe alloys, as well as the petrochemical industry, which uses Ni-Cr alloys. Both alloy types have high levels of nickel, which account for the similar problems encountered in the two industries. In addition to weldability, problems include excessive oxides, cracking and dilution.

Based on the research that is being conducted, the Nickel Alloy Research Project aims to establish a better understanding of how each parameter variable affects overall weld quality.