Student Projects


Donations Welcome!

For a donation of $750-$1,000, we have high-visibility space available for display. Located in a open, well-lit place within the lab, it will be seen by all students who walk through the lab. 

Supporters of the Nickel Alloy Research Program provide the foundation for continued research. Current research is used to answer questions and aid outside sponsors in the specific challenges they are working to research. If you would like to support the Nickel Alloy project or find out more information, please contact us.

The Equipment

Thanks to the generosity of Arc Specialties, the Nickel Alloy Research Team is utilizing a fully automated GTAW welder with four-dimensional programmable controls. In combination with the Atmospheric Control Chamber, this set-up enables a high degree of process control. 

1402 The Atmospheric Control Chamber (ACC) was designed and built by the team to allow for precise control of both active shielding gasses and also the surrounding

atmosphere. The ACC is built with a darkened glass shield on the front to allow for viewing from the front and is equipped with a completely removable front door for ease of access. A filtration system is also mounted on top to ensure atmospheric quality.