Mechanical Engineering Technology Concentration

What is the Mechanical Engineering Technology Concentration?

Engineering Technology graduates in the mechanical concentration enter careers where they design equipment and products that affect virtually every area of your life:

  • Automobiles, planes, tractors and All-Terrain Vehicles,

  • Internal combustion, gas turbine and jet engines,

  • Heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems,

  • Robots, hydraulic & pneumatic systems and manufacturing equipment.

This is one of the most diverse engineering technology disciplines, dealing with the design, development and manufacture of every kind of vehicle, power system, machine and tool. The emphasis of an engineering technology degree is on the practical application of theory.

A Degree at LeTourneau

The  Mechanical Engineering Technology Concentration curriculum at LeTourneau University requires 130 semester hours and is one of five concentration choices within our interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Technology.



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