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LETU Graduate Named Student Teacher of the Year for 2018



LeTourneau University teacher education graduate Nicole Mosley of Little Elm, Texas, has been notified she was selected as the 2018 Student Teacher of the Year by the Texas Directors of Field Experiences.

She will receive her award at the 2018 Fall Teacher Education Conference of the Consortium of State Organizations for Texas Teacher Education at an awards dinner, Sunday, Oct. 21, in San Antonio.

Mosley graduated with her interdisciplinary studies degree in Early Childhood through 6th grade in May 2018 and is teaching first grade at Elliott Elementary in Frisco Independent School District, north of Dallas. She is the daughter of Andrea and Jeffrey Mosley.

According to Dr. Teel-Borders, Residential Coordinator of Clinical Teaching and Field Experience, Nicole implemented 21st century technology in her 6th grade social studies class during her clinical teaching experience.

“Virtual reality made it possible for her to take her 6th graders on a field trip to Egypt,” Teel-Borders said. “She engaged the students in conversations about Egypt and helped the students feel like they were really in Egypt, where Egyptian pyramids and artifacts came to life. During her educator preparation, she was immersed in critically examining the Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS).”

T-TESS is a detailed system designed by educators to support teachers in their professional growth. By integrating technology to enhance mastery of her teaching goals, Nicole’s lesson demonstrated excellence in planning and instruction.

“I used T-TESS to inform my instructional decisions during clinical teaching by helping me to understand what needed to be included into my lesson plans to give my students the best experiences as possible,” Mosley said.  

LETU has dominated the Texas Directors of Field Experience Clinical Teacher of the Year competition since 2010, Teel-Borders said. “One of our LETU student teachers has won it five times, just in the past eight years!”

Mosley is the seventh LETU student to win the award since 1997, joining past winners including with 2017 winner Courtney Matulis (7-12 Mathematics), 2014 winner Carly Robinson (4-8 ELAR/Social Studies), 2013 winner Cristian Driver (8-12 Mathematics), 2010 winner Matthew Bradley (4-8 ELAR/Social Studies), 2002 winner Breanna Sellers-Hurd (4-8 Generalist), and 1997 winner Karen Bennett Gentsch (Interdisciplinary Studies). LETU also had one additional student intern of the year named by Texas Alternative Certification Association, 2010 winner Nikita Mumphrey (EC-4, generalist).

The Texas Directors of Field Experience is composed of those individuals in public and private educational institutions in the State of Texas who are responsible for administration and coordination of the program of educational field experiences in their respective institutions.

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