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The Engineering
of Potential

From LeTourneau to Super Bowl ad, Engineering student Drew Miles built an assistive device for a young girl with one hand to play the violin. His story was featured in a Mass Mutual national ad campaign, a portion of which was filmed on the campus of LeTourneau University.


LETU Student in MassMutual Ad

LeTourneau University engineering student Drew Miles was featured in a Mass Mutual national advertising campaign praising "unsung heroes," people who do kind things for others. Miles created an assistive device for a young girl with one hand to be able to learn to play the violin. This national advertisement ran for the first time during the NBC airing of the Falcons v. Saints NFL game on Thanksgiving Day and 2019 Superbowl. And a story about it is found here. Danica Rosen, the senior integrated producer for New York advertising agency Johannes Leonardo, wrote in an email: "MassMutual and Johannes Leonardo cannot express enough our gratitude to Drew for allowing us to portray his very special story in this campaign. The client and agency could not be happier with the outcome and hope he enjoys it as much as we do. This work means much more to us than your average commercial as we truly admire the people we had the privilege of meeting and featuring in this campaign." The commercial was shot on the LETU campus and nearby locations on Wednesday, Oct. 3.