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Aircraft Dispatch, A.S.

Organize and plan flights for aircraft ranging from the Beech 1900 to the Airbus A380 super jumbo, ensuring safe flights for thousands of passengers and crew every day.

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Aircraft dispatchers are a vital, yet unseen, part of airline operations. Dispatchers plan flights, evaluate weather, ensure aircraft are loaded properly and determine that all aviation regulations are complied with for every single flight the airline operates. They work closely with many team members in the airline's operations center, which functions as the "nerve center" of the airline. Both the airline captain and the dispatcher must agree that the flight can be completed safely before allowing the flight to depart. Examples of related careers can include:

  • ATC Coordinator - Work as a liaison directly between your airline's operations center and the FAA's Operations Control Centers to help dispatchers and flight schedulers to keep operations flowing smoothly
  • Crew Scheduler - From your desk in the airline's operations center, make critical, time-sensitive decisions ensuring flight and cabin crew members meet stringent work legality requirements
  • Business Aviation Flight Planner - Plan unique, challenging international flights that require overflight permits, landing permits, and handling services for business jets owned by Fortune 500 companies.


Southwest Airlines' Network Operations Control at Dallas Love Field


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Aircraft Dispatch

Flight Science

Meteorology for Pilots


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  • Semester-long courses
  • Interact with professors experienced in the industry

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