Global Opportunities

At LETU, there are numerous ways for students, faculty and staff to experience the world, whether it's through a semester stay in Uganda or Australia, a faculty-led trip to Europe or the Middle East, an internship in China... you name it. Check out the following types of international experiences to begin plotting your journey.



Study Abroad Experiences:
Earn LETU credit away from campus.
  • Semester Abroad: Spend a semester overseas with one of our partner institutions/programs.
  • Faculty-Led Trips Abroad: Travel with LETU faculty and earn course credit.

Faculty led trips vary from year to year. Ask your professors what trips are planned for upcoming semesters.

2013:   Tour of Scotland
           Tour to Preston, England


  • Internship and Practicum Opportunities Abroad: Fulfill degree requirements in an international setting.

Since each major has specific degree requirements, please meet with your academic advisor to discuss what internships are available to you.


2-3 week trip for mission aviation students.
Travel and get involved in ministry during LETU breaks.
Apply your college education in a multidisciplinary, global setting, learning to use your skills to serve the world.

Faculty and Staff


Use your expertise and ingenuity to work collaboratively with students in a multidisciplinary fashion to solve real-world problems in developing countries.
Faculty-Led Trips Abroad:
Facilitate international learning experiences for current LETU students.



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