LeTourneau International Family Enrichment

L.I.F.E. – LeTourneau’s International Family Enrichment

We exist to facilitate connections between individuals & families and International Students here at LeTourneau University.

There is a wealth of culture and diversity that can be experienced if we just step outside of our comfort zones and truly reach out to those around us.  We have many cultures and nationalities represented at our university amongst our staff & faculty, students and the rest of the LeTourneau family.

The forms below let us know more about you and your interests so that we can connect families and students together with like interests.

The level of commitment is up to you.  We hope that this simple offering of facilitating relationships helps to broaden worlds and ideas!

Application Forms:

  • Host Family
    If you are wanting to host an international student, please download this form, fill out the information, and return to the Office of International Studies. This will help us make the best match possible for you and your future student.
  • Student
    If you are an international student desiring a match with a host family or individual, please download this form, fill out the information, and return to the Office of International Studies. Again, this will help us make the best possible match for you and your host family/individual.

Some ideas of how this host relationship could look are as follows:

  1. Personally interact at least twice per month with your student. This interaction could be lived out in many ways including:
    • Take student home with you for a family dinner
    • Pick student up and let them attend church with you
    • Allow student to accompany your family to a movie or other type of family outing
    • Visit student on campus in his/her living environment
    • Accompany student to LeTourneau sporting or other event
  2. Periodically contact student to provide emotional and spiritual support (these contacts could be by phone, e-mail, text or Facebook).
  3. Interpersonally share culture and life experiences.
  4. Develop lasting and meaningful relationships that will allow students to feel a sense of support and compassion from somewhere close by.  

During the Fall of each year, there will be an event that will provide for:

  • A great opportunity for students with like experiences to interact
  • A great place for host families/individuals to share and grow through dialogue and exchange
  • A time to socialize and share in a light snack

Please contact Rebecca Haesecke or Kim Durham for questions regarding L.I.F.E.

To discover how you can make an impact through L.I.F.E., contact:
Carlton Mitchell, Director, Ext. 4451
Rebecca Haesecke, International Student Advisor, Ext. 3171


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