Life Group Signup

Audra Boucher
Student Accounts
Study Topic: 'Fighting Against the Current: How to be a Christlike Woman in Today's Culture'
Time: Tuesday Evenings at 7:00pmLocation: Married Student Housing Apt 3B
Group Focus: Female Only (married or single)
Bill Graff
Study Topic: Basic Christianity
Time: Sunday Nights at 7:00pmLocation: Our House
Bruce Chase
Study Topic: Bible (not book or video driven)
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Abbott Aviation Center
Carri Holzman
Financial Aid
Study Topic: Cream of the Crop Media Mentors
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Library 2nd Floor Reception Area
Group Focus: Homeschool Students
By invitation only
Chrissy Morris
University Development
Study Topic: 'Chase' by Jennie Allen
Time: Life Group Chapel Days, others TBDLocation: LH 139A
Group Focus: Ladies, married or single
My goal for this group: a place for ladies to get together, grow spiritually and have a safe place to come and be authentic
Dan Miller
Study Topic: This is the Captain’s Leadership Life Group that will be working on studying how to be a spiritual leader of your athletic team and providing high level leadership and accountability to your team in a Christian setting.
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Steudler Lounge
Group Focus: Upperclassmen who are captains in athletics
By invitation/coach's recommendation only
Daniel Ostendorff, John Barrett, Mark Moland
History, Political Science, and Criminal Justice
Study Topic: Join us as we ask the question, 'What is our Salvation actually for?' and discover how God’s purposes for us are woven into every area of our lives: family, work, charity, education, government, recreation, and all of creation! We’ll be using 'The Life of the World: Letter to the Exiles' (a series of 20 min videos) as our jumping off point. Visit http://www.letterstotheexiles.com/ to view a trailer and find out more.
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: HHH 106
Daniel Van Valkenburg
Residence Life
Study Topic: Reading/discussing 'Simply Good News: Why the Gospel is News and What makes it Good' by N.T. Wright
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Durham RD Apartment
Group Focus: Christians and Non-Christians alike
Danny Kambel
Study Topic: Discussion on how your vision and values will shape you, drawing on John Maxwell's '15 Invaluable Laws of Growth' and Coyte Cooper's 'Impressions'
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Steudler Lounge
David Dittenber
Study Topic: TBD
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: TBD
Group Focus: Civil Engineering Students
Deena Shelton
Career Services
Study Topic: 'The Gifts of Imperfection' by Brene Brown
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation:
Erick Arguello
Study Topic: The Goal and the Glory by Josh Davis
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: TBD
Group Focus: Athletes
Harold Carl
Spiritual Life
Study Topic: Topis and Passages from the Book of Acts
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: TBA
This will be an interactive Bible study group. Members will be encouraged to actively participate.
Isis Martin
Residence Life
Study Topic: A Life of Prayer/Intercession on Behalf of Others
Time: Life Group Chapel Days, will discuss othersLocation: Davis Hall RD Apartment
This group is for those who would like to learn more about and practice prayer
Jerrie Reynolds
Student Life - Health Services
Study Topic: Focus on the gift of compassion as taught and exampled by Jesus
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: LH 139
Group Focus: Nursing Students
Jodie Hilburn
Teacher Education
Study Topic: Biblical themes present in children's literature
Time: TBDLocation: TBD
Group Focus: EC-6 and 4-8, ISE1, ISE2, ISE3 and ISE4 majors
By Invitation Only
Karen Jacobs
School of Business and Technology
Study Topic: TBD
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: TBD
Group Focus: Female Business Majors
Karl Payton
Literature and Language Arts / Communication
Study Topic: We will address how best to tell the story of our faith in a highly participatory environment.
Time: Life Group Chapel Days, or might choose alternate timesLocation: TBD
Group Focus: Communication majors/minors
Dr. Payton is Program Coordinator for Communication Studies. He invites all Communication majors and minors, as well as others interested in “telling THE story,� to join this special LifeGroup. This group is geared for students who enjoy taking an active part in discussion.
Kelly Liebengood
Global Initiatives
Study Topic: Developing relationships of trust and mutual understanding that will facilitate meaningful engagement throughout the course of an international student's time at LETU
Time: Once a month, likely Sunday eveningsLocation: Faculty or staff homes
Group Focus: International students and global scholars
By invitation only
Laura Laster
Aviation and Aeronautical Science
Study Topic: Living a life of faith in our current culture
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Abbott Center Classroom C104
Group Focus: Aeronautical Science majors
Lois Knouse
Study Topic: Eugene Peterson's 'Living the Resurrection'
Time: Life Group Chapel Days, possibly othersLocation: Glaske C106
I will provide the books
Mariah Ferkel
Study Topic: Free to Be Me - Becoming the Young Woman God Created You to Be
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Village Center
Group Focus: Freshman Girls
Mark Jonah
Study Topic: 'Not a Fan' by Kyle Idleman. Twenty times in the new Testament, Jesus Christ issued a compelling and challenging invitation: 'Follow Me.' Jesus is not interested in mere fans. He doesn't want enthusiastic admirers. He wants completely committed followers.
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Belcher Center room 168
Marty Lane
Conference and Event Services
Study Topic: Probably a mixture of video lessons about God's will combined with open discussion and Bible study. Prayer will be included in our sessions.
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Belcher Center Room 167
Matt Barr
Residence Life
Study Topic: Those interested in the practice of engaging thoughtfully and critically with various forms of pop culture. This Life Group will require active participation from members. Each member has the opportunity (not required) to lead one short discussion during the semester. The main mediums of pop culture we will be addressing will be music and film. Individuals interested should email mattbarr@letu.edu for more information.
Time: Life Group Chapel Days, plus some others TBDLocation: Tyler Hall RD Apartment
By Invitation Only
Matthew and Amy Henry
Study Topic: TBD
Time: Every Other Friday evening beginning August 28thLocation: Our Home
Group Focus: We generally have many international students
Michelle Jackson
Quality Assurance
Study Topic: We will go through the group study of 'The holy Spirit: An Introduction' by John Bevere. (Reading the book is not a requirement, but I will have a few copies available to borrow.)
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: MSC Little Theater
Mike Hood
Finance and Administration
Study Topic:
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: TBD
(By Invitation Only)
Norman Reese and Dan Rose
Engineering and Math
Study Topic: Open topic and prayer groups
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: KZX and AO
Group Focus: Society Members
By invitation only
Scott Peluso
Study Topic: Leadership
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Solheim
Group Focus: Athletes who want to learn to be better leaders and how to incorporate their faith into leadership
This is in collaboration with our other 2 life groups (freshmen and captains), and is called the Next Level Leadership Academy. Membership is open, but come to the first session prepared to explain why you want to be in the group.
Shelly Gribble
Global Retention
Study Topic: Elisabeth Elliot's book 'Passion and Purity'
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: LH 140
Group Focus: Women interested in missions/pursuing purity
Steve Conn
Student Life
Study Topic: Work, rest, wellness
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Student Activities office