Dr. Steve Guthrie

About the Speaker

Dr. Guthrie joined the Belmont School of Religion in August of 2005, after teaching for five years at the University of St Andrews in St Andrews, Scotland. During his time in Scotland, Dr. Guthrie was on the faculty of the Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts, and he came to Belmont to help launch a new program in Religion and the Arts.

Dr. Guthrie earned an undergraduate degree in Music Theory from the University of Michigan and worked for several years as a musician before becoming disoriented on the way to a gig and stumbling into the world of academic theology.

In his spare time, he enjoys playing his Fender Rhodes, eating pizza, or simply quietly meditating on the goodness of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Above all, he enjoys writing breezy, faintly humorous autobiographical paragraphs for the internet; always written in the third person, so that the casual reader will believe that they have been penned by some devoted chronicler of his life and work.

Chapel begins at 10:50AM