Robbie Seay Band

About the Chapel Service

The Robbie Seay Band has been a band for over a decade, spending most of those years with EMI Music. 2012 marked the release of their independent project Rich & Poor.

Robbie is best know for his career as a songwriter, recording artist & worship leader. Since the founding of the Robbie Seay Band in 2001, they have released 7 albums, including the critically acclaimed 2007 EMI release Give Yourself Away. Songs from these recordings have been featured in multiple television shows and movies, including American Idol, One Tree Hill & numerous shows on the ABC network.

The Robbie Seay Band is extremely proud of the record Rich & Poor and very grateful to have made a career of writing and recording music about their faith, lives, love, loss and everything in between.

Chapel begins:

Oct 31: 7:00PM
Nov 01: 10:50AM